Wooden Floor Art From Random Wood Pieces made as DIY Project

What should be the starting point of exploring a new style? The answer to this question lies in the style used in the arrangement of the 300 condominiums units: Each condominium unit of Baeksangwon is connected through a balcony-access-type corridor that is curved like a horseshoe. Other corridor styles, such as the type of corridor frequently used in hotels, where housing units can be accessed through a corridor in the middle, can be chosen for the overall purpose of efficiency. But these types of corridors often create an undesirable environment due to artificial lighting and poor ventilation. For this reason, a balcony-access-type corridor was chosen, which is better at providing natural light and offers pretty good ventilation. A curved corridor also offers a more comfortable feeling. Additionally, a balcony-access-type corridor helps retain technique characteristics of both the inner and outer spaces by providing a clear distinction between the front and back. This clear distinction provides better flexibility in the design of the façade of the corridors.

Wooden floor art is what the most of the homes like the best and have it as their choice for flooring. But, here we present an unusual way of making a flooring design using various wood pieces. Actually, self called mad decorator -Alexey Steshak used 40 bags of small wood pieces he collected from wind-fallen trees, some cut trees and more trees his friends brought for him.Wooden Floor Art

Wooden Floor Art

When he collected those pieces together, the idea of making a fascinating artistic puzzle on the floor started. Actually, his idea and his patient work made a wonderful finish! Take a look!


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