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Cowshed in the Netherlands rebuilt as a timber-clad family home

November 12, 2019 Jon Astbury 0
The Potato Shed by Julius Taminiau Architects

Julius Taminiau Architects has rebuilt an old cowshed to create a house clad in thin timber slats that conceal double-layered openings. Located on the site of a former farm in the Netherlands, the austere aesthetic of the agricultural structures on the site made the studio feel as if they were “stepping into Vincent van Gough’s

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paco lago references a speakeasy to design the pastrami club in malaga

November 12, 2019 macnadusa 0

in the spanish city of malaga, design studio paco lago has realized ‘the pastrami club’ in the heart of the city’s lively nightlife area. inspired by speakeasies that were prevalent in 1920s new york due to the era of alcohol prohibition, the recently opened bar invites well-acquainted patrons in from the street through what is […]

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House in a Steel Corset / ŠÉPKA ARCHITEKTI

November 12, 2019 María Francisca González 0

It is the construction modification of a family house in Prague, which was completed and reconstructed several times as an originally recreational building from the 1930s for permanent residence. Considering these interventions, its stability was no longer sufficient. The fundamental decision was thus to complement and in general stiffen the construction with a steel corset. Another problem was the original mansard roof, which had a thickness of only 15 cm.

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Cascade House / Atelier Red+Black

November 12, 2019 Paula Pintos 0

This is a project for a young family of four. At its core, it explores two themes – “identity” and “what is enough?”. As recent immigrants, this project is strongly shaped by our client’s cultural background. Growing up they were surrounded by brick architecture, which has an extensive history in South Asia. It’s chameleon-like ability to be skin, brise-soleil, thermal mass, ornament and monumental – are the reasons it almost entirely covers the new addition. The project allowed us to explore a bigger conversation – how to change the typical suburban approach to a brief. With Australian homes being the second-biggest in the world, it’s time to re-think our approach to suburban homes. Too often we are asked “How much space can we get?”. We wanted to flip that on its head with “How much space do we really need But changing the question, we ended up with a built volume nearly 70% smaller than what local regulations would have allowed! This “think small” approach was one that was informed by the original home and driven by the clients.

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Bridgelife Neighborhood Park / Lab D+H

November 12, 2019 舒岳康 - SHU Yuekang 0

Bridge life Neighborhood park
The Bridgelife Neighborhood is a vibrant public space amenity at the junction of three districts, namely Baoshan, Hongkou and Yangpu District in Shanghai. It was an abandoned Japanese thermal bottle factory named Nissho with more than 20 years of history. The once-popular and extraordinary factory site has become quiet and abnormal, showing signs of decline. We hope to create a “connected bridge” for the district to fully utilize the functions of public communities while protecting historical elements and senses. We retrofit a great number of community features and variable urban space into the venue. The landscape function of the Bridgelife is not singular, but an adaptable place that can be transformed according to changes in users and time. The key idea is to protect this historical heritage with minimized renewal but make it to a park that offers distinct, multi-dimensional experiences. It aims to create a new community center that integrates commercial, cultural, creative, and sports uses through the transformation of old industrial plants.

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Yongqing Fang Landscape Design / Lab D+H

November 12, 2019 舒岳康 - SHU Yuekang 0

Yongqing Fang
Yongqing Fang, a renovation project as a reaction to the rapid urban transformation of modern-day life, sits right in the heart of Guangzhou old town. Our design strategy emphasizes on renewing the buildings and activating the existing resources in the area to avoid relocating or expelling.

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Innovation Hunan Conference Center / DXH Studio

November 11, 2019 Collin Chen 0

The innovation hunan conference center project is located in hunan university student science and technology industrial park, high-tech zone of ningxiang city, hunan province. The east side of the base is the park square, the northeast side is the comprehensive building, the south side is the entrepreneurship plant, the west side is the incubator building, and the northeast side is the mountain park. Construction land is extremely tight. The length of the site is about 72 meters in the north-south direction and 31 meters in the east-west direction.

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A Multi-Level Outdoor Area Provides A Variety Of Spaces To Entertain

November 11, 2019 Erin 0

Photography by Darris Harris Chicago based Mia Rao Design and Blender Architecture have collaborated to create this home’s outdoor entertaining areas. The goal of the project was to create distinct spaces with different moods for both group entertaining and private use by the homeowner. An earthy vibe was introduced by using field stone and a […]