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Malinka Gallery / f2a architecture

September 23, 2020 Valeria Silva 0

In 2003, architect Florian Maurer built his personal home in Naramata, British Columbia. The original architecture explored a garden-court concept: three detached structures around a generous enclosed garden inspired by Latin-American courtyards. The courtyard controls privacy and views, in contrast to the typical suburban house, at the mercy of its neighbors.

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Deambulatory House / Behark

September 23, 2020 Clara Ott 0

The commission contemplated the immediate construction of a single-family house on a plot adjacent to the main urban centre of Zaratamo, a village near Bilbao, but given that the site had to accommodate two houses in the future, a previous study phase was launched for the planning of the plot that included a preliminary project for both houses, so that an adequate coexistence of the buildings and the correct urban fit of the proposal was guaranteed. The planning responds to the need for optimal use of the scarce shared land, favoring a harmonious volumetric dialogue between both houses that is reminiscent of the small rural centres or baserri, which make up the hamlets in the area.

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Serenely Stylish White And Wood Interiors

September 23, 2020 HD Staff 0

Serenely stylish in clean white and smooth wood decor, these four expertly designed homes provide tranquil interiors inspiration. Although the colour palette suggests stylistic similarities, this set of elegant interiors are each very different. Home number one takes us through a large and long open plan living space set with many subtle patterns and sculptural […]

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DN Apartament / BC Arquitetos

September 23, 2020 Pilar Caballero 0

The concept of the project emerged from modernist influences and from narratives that guide new ways of living, inspired by contemporary and minimalist perspectives. Roberto Burle Marx, a renowned Brazilian landscape architect – the same profession as the owner himself – was one of the most influential and successful modernists in Brazil. Concrete covered columns guided the design, becoming one of the project’s highlights, emphasizing the architectural references and inspirations.