Useful Construction Tips that Will Make the Foundation Stronger

Useful construction tips presented here will help you better understand and learn something new in this area. Columns foundations always need some strengthening because there might be a case of applying additional loads. Constructing a concrete jacket to the existing footings will give widening and strengthening of existing foundations. In order to guarantee proper transfer of loads, this new jacket should be properly anchored to the existing footing and column neck. So it’s used drilling holes into existing concrete of footing and epoxy grouting the longitudinal reinforcement of the jacket. Also, to provide full anchorage length for longitudinal reinforcement is by extending the column jacket at the top of footing.


Useful Construction Tips

Useful construction tips

The size of the footing should be increased in the cases when the bearing area of footing is not sufficient.  During construction should be accented the excavations for the new “jackets” so they do not affect the existing adjacent foundations.

Useful Construction Tips


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