Step Up Your Sketches With These Basic Principles Of Two-Point Perspective

You may know about, the online education platform that hosts thousands of video courses for learning how to use software. But did you know that Lynda also has some great drawing, animation, and design courses? The best part (if you’re a current student or local library card owner)? Lynda can be accessed for free from many universities, colleges, and libraries! If your backpack-toting, library-visiting days are behind you, the platform offers a free 10-day trial. 

If you’re looking to perfect your ability to capture or project building interiors and exteriors, Amy Wynne’s hour-long course “Drawing 2-Point Perspective” is a solid option. 

In the course description, Wynne explains:

In our street scenes, we’ll place windows and doors on our buildings and learn how to believably place trees and sidewalks in perspective. We’ll also learn additional strategies for creating depth in your drawings as well as how to make a strong composition. Moving indoors to draw the corner of a room 2 point perspective will be a great system for believably placing floorboards, furniture, and even a rug. Practicing drawing 2-point perspective free hand will strengthen your ability to draw exterior and interior spaces from life or your imagination with expressive accuracy. 

Topics include:

  • Symmetrical vs. asymmetrical perspective
  • Drawing 3D cubes
  • Drawing exterior and interior spaces
  • Adding streets details including trees and powerlines
  • Drawing furniture
  • Creating the illusion of depth
  • Finding a composition to draw from life

To see if you can access Lynda for free, check out your university/library websites to see if it’s offered. If you have a .edu login or email, you can try placing “lynda.” in front of your institution’s URL to see if a partnership exists. Ex:,