Six Floor Luxury Home With Massive Family Entertainment Zone

From a steep 1,400 m2 hillside site, which drops off to the famous sequence of Clifton’s white beaches, this stacked modern South African home appears to float over its infinity swimming pool. Architects at SAOTA designed the 943 square meter house in Cape Town to have its main living area and pool terrace situated on the uppermost double volume level; six generous bedrooms and a multitude of impressive entertainment spaces occupy four lower floors. A glazed boundary links the interior with the great outdoors. The glass walls connect indoor living space with an enormous back garden that opens directly onto Table Mountain National Park, and to the pool that flows straight toward the sea out front.

Entry is made via Nettleton Road, which is the most sought after street in South Africa. From the road, there is a carefully composed first impression of the four lower stories, with just a tantalising glimpse of the two further luxury levels above. The volume that floats over the pool features a glass floor, allowing views of the water’s still surface. The pool patio is home to an outdoor lounge that offers the inviting warmth of a blazing fire pit.

This volume is the principal living area of the home, it includes family rooms, a kitchen, bar, multiple dining areas, a winter lounge, a study and an art studio. The expansive, double height luxury living room becomes an outside space when two entire walls of glass are retracted. The living room floor matches with the light patio tile on the pool terrace for a seamless transition between inside and out. The sofas are kept light to tone with the neutral decor. A sculptural floor lamp arcs over the U-shaped sofa arrangement. The interiors were created by ARRCC together with OKHA.

The lounge seating faces out to the stunning ocean horizon, and back to a private garden that is carpeted in lush green lawn. Wide concrete stepping stones make a path across the grass. Just off the main living room is a quiet home office. The upper level plays host to a wine loft.

A long wooden dining table seats twelve. The dining set neighbours an open plan kitchen at the end of the living room. Outside, sun loungers offer a relaxing spot on the patio, with an alfresco dining set situated just out of view on the left beneath a pergola.

Two black mid century modern chairs face back across the lounge toward the rear garden. A neutral area rug warms the lounge floor. An array of books cover the surface of a modern coffee table.

The house plays host to an impressive curation of South African art, like these African masks mounted above the kitchen. The gallery wall is painted dark grey for added dramatic effect.

Three white kitchen bar stools sit at a long white countertop, which wraps the ends of the kitchen island.

An understated grey linear pendant light is strung low from the high rafters, to hover close to the dining room table. Animal horns twist at the centre spot of the table – another reminder that this crisp contemporary abode has South African roots.

A smaller lounge area looks out to sea through a panoramic window.

Wooden strips wrap the towering wall and vast ceiling of an enormous games room. Pool, ping pong and a football table all stand poised for fun. Colourful decor accents create an uplifting atmosphere.

At the back, the games room leads directly into a cinema room. Porky Hefer’s ‘Blowfish’ is suspended from beneath a mezzanine landing. The entertainment volume also features a beauty spa and sauna.

The sweeping mezzanine ends at a tv room.

The walkway also serves as a stylish modern art gallery along its length.

A crumpled cloud-like pendant light floats in the tv room, above a taupe L-shaped leather sofa. Two gloss black accent chairs face the leafy window view. Green and yellow colour the floor rug and monochrome surroundings. Timber ceilings feature in many of the rooms, which are made from the blemished boards that shuttered the concrete ceilings elsewhere in the home.

The staircase is almost indistinguishable amongst the mystical decor of the entry façade, with its striking art pieces and mysterious lighting effects. A Paul Edmunds sculpture colours one wall of the largely concrete space. The ladders propped against one wall hints at the staircase’s ascent.

A glass balustrade flanks the first level of steps, allowing sculptural wall art to shine through its transparency, and a Paul Blomkamp tapestry to reflect across its surface. You can find more beautiful
staircase designs here.

Distressed metal balustrades dress the rest of the concrete staircase with russet patina.

Different areas of use are defined by a split level floor inside this luxury bedroom, where the bed is raised to prime status. The rest of the suite includes a generous lounge area and an open plan bathroom. Three of the six bedrooms in this home interlink as a family suite.

The entry façade.

Floor plan.

The home has a four car garage attached. This level also houses a staff room and staff bathroom.

Floor plan showing the beauty spa and sauna room situated around the double height family entertainment zone.

Here we see the situation of the dedicated home office space, and the wine loft.

Layout illustrating the impressive size of the master suite.

Primary living zone.

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