Seductive Interiors With Statement Chandeliers

A statement chandelier forms the crowning glory over a luxurious living space. Large and magnificent, sparkling modern chandeliers add an undeniable wow factor with an eye-catching sculptural element and an enchanting, atmospheric glow. This collection of four seductive contemporary home interiors invoke luxurious lighting to build dramatic spirit, and to add core stability to large and impressive layouts. In these high-end spaces, we will also draw inspiration from chic furniture pieces, spacious arrangements, elegant decor, high-contrast colour palettes and exquisite home accessories. We’ll tour luxury living rooms, formal dining rooms and kitchens, plus a darkly captivating modern bedroom scheme and an even darker bathroom concept.

Visualizer: Hilight Apartment  

Located in Lodz, Poland, The Nature House is a unique modern apartment, measuring over 900 square meters. With room heights climbing to almost four meters tall, a spectacular Q2 chandelier by Jan Pauwels for Baxter makes an effectual piece in the lofty void. A dark feature wall and ceiling panels form a contrasting background that elevates the mesmerising lighting piece.

Shades of rich brown, smooth latte and creamy tones meld into a warm and inviting living room decor palette. Glazed walls open up a scenic surround of garden greenery.

Indoor plants bring a flair of natural greenery inside of the large and luxurious living room.

Modern nesting coffee tables gather at the centre of a four-sided conversational furniture arrangement. The two-tone table set complements the upholstered furniture selection, and the overlapping brown and cream area rugs.

A seductive courtyard thrives at the heart of the house, with four great trees pushing up through the atrium.

On the other side of the courtyard, two Serie Up 2000 chairs by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia are arranged in a separate sitting spot from the main lounge area. A round rug and a low, circular coffee table echo the curves of the sculptural chairs. Small side tables and a modern floor lamp makes the area into a practical, cosy reading nook.

An extraordinary dining room chandelier zigzags across a huge formal dining set, which is equipped for up for sixteen guests.

The neighbouring kitchen island is just as long and just as spectacular, crowned with the astonishing Algorithm lighting designed by Toan Nguyen for Vibia.

The superb lighting installation illuminates the entire length of the vast kitchen island, and an amalgamated dining surface that’s designed as a more intimate setting.

Visualizer: Tu Nguyen Hoang  

As we enter our second featured home tour we’re instantly wowed by the cube-like formation of the Q3 chandelier by Jan Pauwels for Baxter.

A piece of square wall art and a square coffee table complement the shape of the modern chandelier.

Two cognac leather armchairs break the square shape theme with a contrasting rounded silhouette.

Two of Baxter’s Q3 chandeliers gloriously illuminate a high-end modern dining set.

A large wall clock has been selected to achieve balance with the scale of the striking chandeliers.

In the adjacent kitchen, the main lighting attraction draws all eyes to the floor.

LED kitchen lighting threads along the island plinth to spill a golden glow over black marble floor tiles. Another gorgeous courtyard grows a green view.

Visualizer: Arman Kashkenov & Daria Lyashenko  

In this black, white and grey luxury home interior, a Cosmos suspension lamp by Jan Pauwels for Quasar resembles a 3D star map above the lounge. Sampei floor lamps designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese provide atmospheric light behind the modern sofa.

The Cosmos lamp is suspended from a grand double height ceiling.

The bulbs reflect brightly in a unique black glass coffee table below.

A low sofa table holds an elegant, gold trimmed globe lamp. See more
unique table lamps here.

A modern wall sconce burns an eye-catching ring of light above a KAWS art piece. The sitting KAWS figure is made right at home on a designer lounge chair.

Concrete planters house mature indoor plants, which softly reflect the light with their glossy leaves.

A textured surface adds interesting highlights to the plain black TV wall.

A unique ceiling feature makes waves over the luxury kitchen.

The linear chandelier over the kitchen dining island is the Palma pendant light designed by Antoni Arola for Vibia.

The black linear chandelier includes a planter upon its frame to bring in some greenery.

A modern fruit bowl brings the green accent to the table.

Translucent table legs give the space a light aesthetic.

Designer: Alexandr Tyan  

In this small, one-room apartment, an Alexander Calder style modern Italian chandelier establishes a creative spirit through intricate sculptural form.

Plinth-like black marble coffee tables set down a solid centre in the lounge. The flames of a modern fireplace dance along a reflective golden hearth.

Tall black doors conceal the TV above the fireplace.

3D wall art issues drama with light and shadow.

A striking dining room chandelier becomes even more pronounced in front of a black kitchen feature wall.

The chandelier’s concise angular formation is echoed in a unique floor treatment and in designer dining chairs.

Select materials create cohesivity and smooth refinement.

The unusual bedroom design is accessorised with an equally unusual table lamp on a floating bedside unit.

A decorative vase creates an arrangement of cascading height with the lamp.

An all-black bathroom decor scheme absorbs much of the light, and so perimeter lighting has been added to tackle the shadows.

A white floor helps to distribute overhead illumination.

A manipulable hall tree is defined under an LED ribbon in the entryway, where a marigold pouf shines a bright welcome.

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