Peter Cook’s Advice For Young Architects: “Get Out and Look!”

The legendary, ever-insightful Sir Peter Cook recently shared some advice for students with Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis Skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering (KADK). Recommending ideas such as studying at two or more schools, working in at least two countries, and getting outside and simply watching people, it is clear that the key component to Sir Cook’s suggestions for self-improvement as an architect is a diverse and engaged set of personal experiences. ArchDaily has also had a few opportunities to speak with Sir Cook, and just as we see in the video below, his passion and good will always shine.

The full text of Sir Cook’s comments:

I think that a young architect jus starting out should go to at least two architecture schools, I think they should work in at least two different countries and I think they shouldn’t just listen to what the elders tell them. I think they’ve got to get out and look! Far too many young architects go by the internet or the book or what their professor said or what another professor said… they don’t get out there are look at what people do! To look, I think, is very important. Even standing at a bus stop and looking and seeing how people behave—very important!

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