Pastel Accents Over Expansive Light Wood In Two Modern Homes

If you’re looking for a material theme that exhibits both brightness and warmth, the classic combination of light wood and white is always a great choice. But what about accent colors? This post looks at two homes that pair their wood-heavy interiors with pastel accents to create a comfortable springtime atmosphere. The interior first uses garden-inspired tones like green, yellow, and lilac. The second interior keeps things a little more minimal with a muted lavender paired alongside a darker green. Do you have a favorite pastel color pairing? We’d love to hear your top picks in the comment section.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Domracheva  

This apartment creates a springtime vibe by setting pastels over a backdrop of warm light-hued wood paneling. Soft greens, purples, and yellows channel the relaxing organic qualities of a fresh garden breeze, while certain elements – like the white kitchen – take on a more hardline modern minimalist attitude.

The layout itself is very open yet each functional area still maintains a degree of separation thanks to the central dividing wall and breakfast bar.

With a view like that, it’s easy to imagine that this cozy arrangement is a favorite spot. The chairs are from the Husk collection by Patricia Urquiola.

And what a unique dining room! Rather than opting for a bench seat, this designer instead chose to outfit one side of the table with a comfortable sofa. A pair of dining room pendants round out the set.

The kitchen makes a strong impression with streamlined white cabinetry that stands out against warm wood. A large art print brings a little white to the other side for balanced visual weight.

While white and wood kitchens are a fairly common theme these days, this one stands out thanks to its geometric backsplash.

Spring green chairs and lilac kitchen bar stools continue the color theme from the living room even though the kitchen itself lacks bright colors.

And with such a lovely view over the living room, it’s easy to catch up on the morning news over a cup of coffee.

Private areas of the home exist down the hallway.

The master bedroom is a delight. It uses the same lilac color scheme that appeared in the living room, but this time adds a luxurious touch with silver and grey complements.

A mirrored closet does double duty by neatly housing clothes while also providing a place to catch a good view of how the outfit choice turned out.

Two poufs at the end of the bed serve as a comfortable place to remove slippers in the evening.

An ordinary round mirror frame becomes an instant work of art with the addition of vivid live mosses.

Here’s a classic vanity with a modern spin. The desktop features a selection from the Willmann Vase collection, but other concrete planters would produce a similar effect.

Tucked away in another room, this handsome little home office brings a splash of color thanks to the bright green Eames Group Executive Chair.

And here’s a look at the adorable room for the youngest resident! The house-shaped bed frame is great for imaginative play and leaves plenty of room for a sleepover pal or story time with parents.

How cool is that owl wall light? It’s useful but also adds to the whimsical tree-house theme of the room. Check out our owl home decor compilation for more neat owl-themed decorations.

The corner hosts an adorable creativity station outfitted with seating from the IKEA Mammut Chair collection. Kids can doodle and create at the table and then hang their masterpieces on the cork board accent wall for display.

The bathroom perks things up with an even brighter color scheme. The soft minty greens feel bright and fresh, the perfect atmosphere for a place associated with cleanliness.

Open shelves enjoy a little color themselves.

Most impressive, though, is the wood block treatment to the bathtub and surrounding wall. The wood-like tiles sit at angles to achieve a rough-hewn effect.

Visualizer: Svoya Studio  

This second home is a comfortable apartment in Kiev. It shares the same pastel hues and wood-and-white interior theme as the previous example, but with a few minor changes. This home uses darker accents and dramatic mood lighting to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The home makes a huge impression with its unique accessories, like the unique floor lamps and the indoor swing.

But small and surprising details hide around every corner. Even the step stool finds a decorative purpose, serving as a perch for an Eames Bird replica duo.

And these beautiful open shelves in the kitchen are an absolute dream for anybody who craves strict organization! Every object has its place, making for a lovely display.

A small breakfast bar overlooks the tremendous window view.

The apartment demonstrates a slightly darker and more relaxed aesthetic throughout the hallway and private areas of the home.

But there are still elements in position to brighten the space: glossy surfaces like the tiled doors, smartly-positioned track lighting, and a selection of indoor house plants like this potted rubber plant.

The office is dark, comfortable, and quite unique. Plus-shaped handles open the drawers beneath the desk and sofa, with matching pieces applied to the wall for dramatic effect.

And with the master bedroom, the atmosphere again becomes bright and sunny.

Even the closet gets plenty of natural light thanks to its very creative wooden slat construction.

The lucky youngest resident enjoys a bedroom that includes a jungle gym, a chalkboard wardrobe, and a cozy office desk for schoolwork.

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