Living Rooms for Book Lovers

Despite living in this digital age of eReaders, nothing compares to the age old experience of thumbing through actual pages, captivated in the familiar scent of paper and ink. Home libraries and reading nooks still hold their popularity because as human beings we just love to be amongst these paper banks of knowledge, adventure and romance. A large home library spanning multiple walls can feel like a big hug around its inhabitant and can hold a lifetime of reading that allows the owner to delve into past pockets of information; a manifestation of their learning and exploration. So, let’s explore various styles of living rooms for book lovers…

Designer: Paul Cremoux Studio  

A perfect place to install a particularly towering library in an open plan living area has got to be around a staircase. The rising treads provide the perfect climb to the top of the tree of knowledge, allowing stops at each shelf along the way. If your staircase at home is of the more traditional variety and space is at a premium, then you could still utilise the unused space beneath it for your book collection.

Visualizer: ArchAnts  

Our living rooms are a ready made relaxation spot in which to lounge with a good book at the end of a long day, or over a lazy weekend. By moving a sofa just slightly away from the wall, in toward the centre of the room, ample space can be created for the installation of set of bookshelves behind it. Narrow book shelving won’t cause a huge subtraction of floor space from the room. You can soften the look with the placement of some decorative leafy indoor house plantsplant stands for added interest and to differ heights.

Visualizer: Alexey Gulesha  

A bookcase can even be built to your own bespoke design by specialists. You could create a surround in which to hang your TV, for when you’re done with your reading. Don’t forget to install a librarians ladder for those high spots on your set of unique wall shelves too.

Designer: Michael Maher Design  

These three art prints, mounted in front of the bookcase, break up the bank of books and create depth to the display. Try hanging your own collection of art prints on the outer edges of your shelving for a new look. This option also allows for you to enjoy your gallery without compromising on storage space, as you can still house many of your books behind the beloved artwork.

Designer: Elizabeth Roberts  

Many people might think that they simply don’t have space in their living room for a large home library but try considering every single available space. Look vertically and don’t forget that the narrow gaps between things, like windows, can provide ample book storage space.

Visualizer: Uglyanitsa Alexander  

A bespoke bookcase can be built right into the eaves, a great option if you are living under sloping ceilings. Strategically placed table lamps create various spots for reading.

Source: Evermotion  

If you don’t have the spare cash for a bespoke bookcase then there are many great floating or freestanding options like these IKEA ones adorning Scandinavian living rooms.

Visualizer: Santiago Mañero  

If you have a bit of solid DIY knowledge you could even install your own to fit an unused awkward space in your home.

Visualizer: Luis Cuenca  

This towering bookcase gives great depth, interest and warmth to a long pale room. The books create a beautiful feature wall, just as patterned wallpaper or wooden panelling might do, whilst also having the added benefit of being useful.

Visualizer: Aristotle Gaddi  

A bookcase can also create a handy and attractive floating dividing wall to section up a particularly long room, zoning one area from the next.

Visualizer: Andreas R. Myrup  

In this living room library we see artifacts and treasured keepsakes peppering the bookcase to break up the sea of books.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

A dark gray shelving system creates a sophisticated look.

Visualizer: Federico Cedrone  

Clever LED lighting can transform the look of your library shelving arrangement.

Visualizer: Federico Cedrone  

You could pick out just your decorative items from your home library wall.

Visualizer: MB Render  

A decorative panel has been used to link two bookcases together in this living room decor scheme.

Visualizer: Impress  

If you’d prefer not to have all of you books on display, doors can be used to partially screen your collection.

Visualizer: Mobileffe  

Beyond the opal glass Atollo Desk Lamp in this living room we can see sliding doors have been drawn back to reveal a complete library.

Visualizer: Andrew Chiniakov  

A small mezzanine library has been created in this tiny home.

Visualizer: Vasiliy Nagaev  

High ceilings allow for tall bookcases. Three rows of wooden bookcases have been used to fill the vertical space in this example.

Architect: Pitsou Kedem Architects  

A white bookcase can help keep the book wall looking light.

Visualizer: Jose Martín Chuquisala  

Book shelves don’t have to run end to end; interesting shapes and cubbies can be created.

Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov  

There’s no room for knick-knacks and vases amongst this vast book collection!

Visualizer: HardwareOne  

What’s cozier than a book by a roaring fireplace?

Photographer: Soopakorn Srisakul  

In this industrial home decor the metal staircase works alongside a librarian’s ladder. A unique coffee table provides a place to stack your reading selection.


Another example of zoning using a bookcase.

Visualizer: Gushcho Timofey  

Unique floor lamps are strategically placed to light up this adjustable shelving wall.

Visualizer: Phong Nguyen  

An alcove is an ideal spot for a book wall. This unique ceiling fan provides an extra light source to aid easy reading.

Visualizer: Delightful  

The Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp appears to direct you toward the floating book shelves.

Visualizer: Deborah Berke Partners  

Along with ample shelving and lighting, comfortable reading chairs are an absolute must.

Source: Cliff Ocean  

A comfortable armchair provides a great spot to perch.

Source: Ikea  

A window seat makes an ideal reading nook.

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