How To Use Lighting To Make A Space Truly Beautiful: 4 Examples That Show How The Pros Do It

When you consider your interior design choices, you will most certainly think of color, furniture, and window treatments. But too many amateur home designers leave lighting as an afterthought. Lighting does more than let you read after dark or make sure you can see the beautiful meal you prepared, the right lighting design can truly transform a space. There is a reason that lighting is so critical in photography and cinematography — lighting enhances features and creates atmosphere in a way that no other design element can. The homes featured in this post each utilize lighting to add that extra je ne sais quoi to already beautiful designs, elevating them and making them something special.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects  

The right interior lighting means more than being able to see the book you’re reading or not bumping into furniture.

In this first space, a 124 square meter (1334 square feet) home in Moscow, Russia, recessed lighting is used to great effect.

The overhead lighting in this home casts a neutral downlight that works perfect for ambiance, bouncing off white walls and flooring.

A neutral color scheme works well with creative lighting design, allowing even sunlight to highlight the disparate textures of the space.

As sunlight streams into the main living area, it illuminates a smooth floor,
soft sofa, matte countertops, and even the decorative vases.

The use of modern dining chairs matches with the rest of the color scheme, while recessed overhead lighting pulls focus on the contents of the dining table.

In the bedroom, a unique bedside spotlight offers a solution to standard reading lamp, with a bit more flair.

Using kids’ beds that are separated by a half wall rather than bunkbeds makes this bedroom feel more sophisticated while windowsill planters take full advantage of natural lighting.

Lighting 2 person workspaces can be tricky, but a simple desk lamp will always come in handy.

In the bathroom, the lighting is kept simple and soft.

Everyone wants to look their best in front of their bathroom mirror and the subtle overhead lighting does just that.

Visualizer: Espace Studio  

The next space uses a tone that is much brighter than the first, but similar lighting choices.

Recessed lighting above the entertainment center as well as underneath some of the cabinetry creates a very modern effect.

One of the most important features of good lighting is the ability to adjust it for the time of day and mood.

The use of dimmer switches and bulbs of different colors makes it easier to create the feeling you really want in a space.

Black dining chairs and eclectic dining room pendant lights draw focus on this communal space in the house.

In the bedroom, matching bedside lamps flank the bed.

Nestled inside the recessed headboard area, the unique bedside lamps complement the overall natural, calm vibe of the bedroom perfectly.

In the kids’ room, recessed overhead downlighting illuminates the unique wall shelf built into the minty green wall.

Lighting can even be used to make eye-catching wall decorations, as seen here.

Great lighting can and should be part of kids decor as well, with this room focusing largely on the use of natural light.

Window treatments come into play as well, with shades and blinds letting through different amounts of light depending on how they are arranged.

Simple white bathroom design with both ambient and spotlighting make it a versatile space for relaxing and getting ready.

Visualizer: Espace Studio  

The third space is an 80 square meter (861 square feet) home located in Zhukoffsky Zhukovsky, Dnipro, Ukraine.

The agreeable design of this space, with plenty of cool colors, clean lines, and simple decor like a large wall clock, was made to please people of different tastes.

The lighting in the main living space consists of overhead spotlights that can be angled differently depending on whether the occupants want to highlight their green accent colors or their large white coffee table.

The spotlights also perfectly highlight the trinkets on display in the unique shelving unit as well as the planter table.

Oversized pendant lights in the dining area cast a soft and flattering glow for dinner guests.

The wood on wood look of the Scandinavian style chairs and the light wood flooring is ideal for the natural light that comes in from the dining room window.

Moving into the private spaces, bedroom pendant lights and an
indoor plant add warmth to this bedroom.

The lights are suspended on either side of the bed and add a pop of color along with a comforting glow.

Visualizer: Square 83  

The final space is a 377 square meter (4057 square feet) townhouse located in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Lighting is used in this space to call attention to the complementary textures, as this unique floor lamp does for the patterned sofa.

The natural light is not as prevalent in this home as it is in some others so artificial lighting must step in.

Indeed the lighting in this space can change the entire look of the room, with the same gray pattern sofa looking alternately white and blue depending on the angle of the light.

The bedroom uses its own unique lighting scheme against its pink accents, including a bright orb of a table lamp for the vanity.

The use of many spotlights adds a great deal of interest to this space, making it feel playful and energetic.

In the en suite bath, a glowing light serves dual purpose as art and light source.

The sleek bathroom design includes a minimalist faucet along with flattering lighting.

Finally, sun streaming into a bedroom is the best way to brighten up the space and to wake up each day.

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