Fabrizio Barozzi on Barozzi/Veiga’s Obsessions, Process, and Position Within the Architectural Landscape

Fine Arts Museum / Barozzi/Veiga. Image © Simon Menges

Fine Arts Museum / Barozzi/Veiga. Image © Simon Menges

In this episode of GSAPP Conversations, Fabrizio Barozzi—who co-founded the Barcelona-based practice Barozzi/Veiga with Alberto Veiga in 2004—discusses the practice’s process and obsessions, including how they position themselves in the architectural landscape and why they are sceptical of defining their own architectural “language”. For Barozzi, research and an engagement with history are integral to the way his practice works operates.

How to find your own voice, starting from a different environment, or a different context […] maybe this is one of my obsessions.

Fine Arts Museum / Barozzi Veiga

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Philharmonic Hall Szczecin / Estudio Barozzi Veiga

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Auditorium and Congress Palace Infanta Doña Elena / Estudio Barozzi Veiga

20 From the architect. The project is a natural response to the particular stimulus, offered by the location. On one hand the need to respect the urban tissue that growths inside, on the other, the one’s to preserve the expressive hue of the natural landscape.

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