Dark Themed Kids Rooms

When designing a kids room, it is easy to slip into the old tropes of blue, pink, and yellow. The designs featured in this post take a different stance. By incorporating dark navy blue, black, and red these designers do not take away from the youthfulness of their designs, they just add a bit more personality to them. Each room featured here is a retreat for a specific child or teen, giving them space to slumber, to study, and to live. Take a look inside these rooms and rethink your own approach to kids room design and decor.

Visualizer: Archi Studio  

This room is clearly dedicated to instilling a work ethic in its occupant. By choosing multiple person work desks, a simple bedroom becomes a collaborative study and creation space.

But the room is not without its personal touches, like Star Wars home decor in the form of a Storm Trooper helmet on display.

If you wake up each morning with you walls commanding you to work hard, it becomes impossible not to.

A small television is built into the wall, but clearly it is only put to use for work purposes.

While a wall declaring that “sleep is for the weak” may not be the best lullaby, it certainly is motivating.

The use of a black and yellow palette only furthers the frenetic pace of this room.

While there are spaces for sitting, none seem to beg for you to relax there.

Even the bed looks firm, flat, and somewhat like an afterthought. Because who would even need it when sleep is for the week?

Visualizer: Maryan Ahmed  

Of course, not every young person needs their bedroom decor to be quite so motivating.

The navy blue and coral pink motif in this teen’s room is certainly soothing while design details throughout show a lot of personality.

One simple way to bring some artistic elements into a kid’s room design (even if you’re not so crafty) is to use clever wall decor as seen here over the bed.

Any child (or teen) would be lucky to drift off to sleep underneath a sign wishing them sweet dreams.

Dark curtains that can be drawn closed on the weekends are perfect for teens as they get into their “sleep all day” phase.

Lots of clothes storage becomes a feature when mirrors and colorful panels incorporate it into the design of the rest of the room.

While the bedroom may not be the most practical place to display a bicycle, it does get it out of the living room.

A cosy bed with striped bedspread is cute and playful, but could still grow with the child and not feel too childish.

In addition to classic bookshelves, some cute storage options bring texture and life to the room while letting the child display things that she cares about.

Sleep eye decals are just one more way that this lovely room encourages rest.

A nameplate display over the desk is highly personal. Every child deserves to feel like they have their own space that’s just for them.

The bedroom really isn’t that big, but the use of contrasting colors and cute, comforting elements make it feel like home.

Visualizer: Elshad Kerimov  

It is not so often that we see industrial home decor elements brought into a kid’s room, but this dark, brick design does just that.

Clearly celebrating the occupant’s love of cars, the entire room has the feel of stepping inside a race track. From a unique car-themed seating area to the tire pendant lights over the bed.

This is a cool, dark space that some lucky teen would absolutely love.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

The rooms we have seen thus far have had quite a bit in terms of accoutrements.

But this room, with its black, white, and red color scheme, shows that you don’t need a lot of space or a lot of stuff to create a cohesive design.

A bed, some storage, a desk and a television is enough for most kids.

The pop of blue in the bedspread and the drawable wall give the room a bit more creativity.

Visualizer: Alina Vagapova  

We saw a bit of Star Wars decor, but what about space themed home decor?

This blue bedroom takes a love of space and turns it into something quite beautiful with its oversized moon light.

A small desk still leaves room for a telescope, letting this room be a place of rest as well as learning.

A chalkboard wall over the bed is always good for inspiration and fostering creativity.

Architect: Kupinskiy & Partners  
Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

The romance of this room is immediately apparent – from the cool color scheme to the delicate lighting.

The patterned wall behind the bed is subtle and lovely.

The room isn’t all that big, but the use of color and light make it feel bigger than it is.

Unlike some kids rooms, this design uses only very subtle pops of pastel pink.

A unique seat next to the window is a perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

A very simple desk with strung bistro lighting and a cool gray chair is pretty and calming.

Visualizer: Beata Pawluk   

Finally, a wood heavy, music-themed room is an awesome retreat for a teen that loves to jam.

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