Civil 3D 2017: Restore Missing Style Drop-Down Lists

Well, I am currently a (novice) Civil 3D user, and I do a lot of annotating. But I noticed that when I need to change styles for Multileaders and Tables, the drop-down list in the ribbon is missing. The obvious workaround is to use the properties palette. But I am so used to having the drop-down lists in the ribbon.

Luckily there is a system variable to restore these drop-down lists.
By setting the system variable GALLERYVIEW to 0 (zero),

Below quote from the “Help menu”
Controls the type of preview in the ribbon drop-down galleries.
0 (zero) = Displays the list view.
1 = Displays the thumbnail view.

The drawback to turning this off is that you no longer have the new gallery preview functionality. So keep that in mind as you use this variable…

Civil 3D 2017 Mising Dropdowns

Civil 3D 2017 Mising Dropdowns Restored