cca designs concrete structure as a safe space for mexico’s marginalized youth

the ‘boys and girls club’ by centro de colaboración arquitectónica (cca) is a project in ecatepec, that aims to provide after-school activities to children and teenagers in marginalized communities in the state of mexico. cca investigated the failed relationship of mexico city’s growth and the well-being of the community. they also looked at the massive urbanization of the poorest areas in the city and the lack of public spaces. the club’s objective is to enable children from vulnerable environments to realize their maximum potential as productive and responsible citizens, within a healthy and safe environment.

view of the access to the sports pavilion, all images by onnis luque



the project by cca is divided into three areas, corresponding to different functions: building ‘a’ is for educational uses, comprising classrooms, music and art rooms, computer rooms, kitchen, library and multiple-use room. it is a single-story volume, with two adjoining patios which allow daylight and ventilation without the need for windows in the façades. building ‘b’ is the arts room, which is in two stories and contains larger and more recreational spaces. there is a semi-open auditorium for music, dance recitals or conferences; fluidly connected with the main staircase leading up to the central plaza. building ‘c’ is for sports; it has a large covered surface where all kinds of sports and activities can take place. the space takes advantage of its orientation to the north, to provide natural lighting by its saw-tooth cover.

perspective of the sports pavilion



the three buildings are connected by a covered hallway which functions as the vertebral spine of the architecture, composed with 24 arched-shaped ‘vertebrae’. each building has a different architectural configuration, dictated by the program it contains. however, the concrete structures are built using the same modular system. a ceramic material coats the concrete, guaranteeing its durability and resistance to everyday use and possible vandalism. the building has adapted to the materials that companies and private contributors generously donated to the project. the result is a composition that unites the diverse elements and inspirations, and that responds very honestly to the necessities of each space; generating movement and unexpected moments where children can grow and learn.

perspective of the sports pavilion access 

view of the archery and other activity volume

view of the outside stairs that will lead the kids to the concrete gallery 


view of the access gallery to the classrooms

view of the concrete archery

general axonometry



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