Black Acrylic, Glass and Stone Form This Dark and Sophisticated Apartment Interior

Love the natural look, but crave the fine, polished aesthetic of an inner-city apartment? My, have we got an interior for you. This dark and dreamy interior combines rough rocks with polished wood, black slats and high-sheen acrylic, as designed by One Work and photographed by Hey!Cheese Photography. Watch TV against a rock face, looking out to city views. Show guests to a dining table through black slats, lit by state-of-the-art idea lamps. Make your office LED-lit, wooden-slatted and marble-topped. Take a style trip to a darker vision, with our latest modern apartment tour where wood, stone and black reign king.

Using wooden panels above, stone tiles below and roughshod rocks to the side, our first view of the lounge is eclectic. Cold tones in a grey suede six-seater, shagpile rug and textured wallpaper mix with a warmer wooden ceiling, under-rafter LEDs and small bursts of coloured cushions. Looking past the cabinetry’s black acrylic, the scene separates into grey and white with a city view, or darker and more mysterious in the office beckoning beyond.

Making a half-turn, we find the lounge’s focal piece: the roughshod brick wall. Tying into the black theme with a flat-screen TV, its rustic exterior juxtaposes nicely with the living room’s other polished, high-sheen furnishings. A quick bounce off the wall reveals a wide city view, lit like a Christmas tree during day or night.

Step into the corridor, and a puzzle of black and wooden slats awaits. Across grey tiles and polished wooden floors, black push-doors become a slatted feature, opening up the dining room as an artistic wall piece. Framed both horizontally and vertically by gleaming wooden panels, the look piques interest in the rooms surrounding the corridor’s small space. A classic black bookcase with a Japanese, no-borders twist completes the scene, as mirrored-door cabinets beside and beneath increase the space and feeling of sophistication.

In the dining room, Drop Top Pendant Lights burn their coils over the table. Book-ended by a smooth bench in stone, these dining room pendant lights illuminate a solid wooden table and unique linen chairs, a hint of the bright in this mostly-dark interior. Looking to a pot plant on one end, a chrome fridge on the other, this space lets cooking and dining merge seamlessly – with a background TV left to entertain guests.

By combining many differing materials, the interior lets each space create its own character. At the corridor’s corner, high, glossy panels of black acrylic hide necessities and add modern polish. To its right, a whiter, brighter room is made possible using concrete walls, grey stone floors and a tree-bearing planter. In the office behind, LED-lit wooden panels create a relaxing vibe, matched by a bench in marble. An array of opening and shutting black compartments open and close off the dining room, a seductive space set on a polished wood floor.

As black, elongated doors turn to the side, the office’s LED-lit marble reminds we are walking in luxury. Drawn by the glow of a table lamp on the desk’s edge, our footsteps lead us past two woven ottomans and into a network of wooden slats, showcased in a feature wall and Venetian blinds. A turn behind reveals the central desk, a simple L-shape mirrored by drawers around its form. Joined by the dining room’s black cabinets and a timber ceiling platform, it links to the surrounding rooms through wooden slats, polished floors and hints of black stencilling. A back-mirrored door offers self-contemplation, while an Eames Bird replica on the bookshelf behind harks to a leaning mirror.

The main hallways show off the decor’s star ingredients. Large swathes of wood, in differing shades, line the ceiling’s unconventional rafters and pillars. Feature walls of wooden slats impress when illuminated, quickly turning to black when the lights go off. Veined stone tiles add natural sophistication, in classy yet unassuming grey. Glass doors and high-shine chrome make this game of smoke and mirrors part of the allure.

The bedroom takes on an aura of its own, in bolder colours and softer materials. Using the dining room’s polished floorboards, it makes a splash in a teal armchair and matching bedspread. High, linen-upholstered panels hark back to the grey of the living room, while a strip of mirror elongates the space without making a fuss. Unique bedside lamps offer orbs of light, this time through a Flos IC T1 Style l table lamp, a final punctuation to the room’s design.

The real treasure of the bedroom is the walk-in wardrobe, a sophisticated surprise next to its humbler neighbour. Opening up beside the teal comfortable reading chair and pumpkin orange throw, its black walls, LED-lit closets and striking mirrors remind of the majesty of the corridors. Matched by an array of polished woods, its many hangers and hide-away drawers make a feature of the best clothes, while hiding away the rest.

The ensuite appears light and bright – in grey. Using the corridor’s stone floors and stretching them up the walls’ full length, the space appears contemporary and clean. LED lights from beneath white ceiling shafts add drama, while glass doors keep the space open. Rounded white porcelain and chrome fixtures form the necessities.

A peek into the next bathroom reveals a slight twist. Opened up by a wooden door, it reveals a same-shade wooden cabinet, textured tiles, and a dazzling array of lights and mirrors. An oval-shaped toilet keeps company on the right; two small, rounded vases the space on the left.

Our final bathroom edges on the flashy, ultra-modern décor this apartment is famed for. Criss-crossed in an array of juxtaposed, natural vein tiles, its entrance and walls are a glossy black reminiscent of the dining room. Brilliant chrome makes mirrors on either side of the basin, while stone creates a cavity for a standing sink.

Leading out of the bathroom finds your eye in the corridor, with a view to the city – a perfect place for an end-of-tour night cap.

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