A White and Wood House for a Stylish Family

When you move your young family into a new home, you want it to be a reflection of what you care about. This single family home located in Moscow does precisely that. From the architects at Ruetemple, the 160 square meter home was designed with usefulness, comfort, and beauty in mind. Starting from scratch with no interior walls, what eventually took shape was a two story home with three small bedrooms and a spacious common area for work, play, and quality family time. Throughout the home, stark white and beautiful wood grain take the beautiful design to the next level while lamps from Imex, bathroom details from Roca, Villeroy and Boch, Hansgrohe and Geberit plus granite tile from Italon work together in perfect harmony.

In this particular home, the family spends a great deal of time in common areas, making it critical that these spaces are bright, open and welcoming.

The creative netting between the first and second floor of the home makes for not just an interesting design element but also a fun, safe place for the kids to play.

Of course, the pseudo-hammock is not just fun for the kids.

Downstairs, indoor house plants drink in the copious natural light.

There is a lot of visual interest on the lower level with vaulted ceilings and interior cutaway walls.

Decorative elements in the house are simple, yet notable like the geometric dining room pendant light that hangs over the table.

The white and wood design elements work in unison and give an automatic clean feeling while small splashes of color like from the table planter are natural yet fun.

The cutaways into the stairwell keep anything from feeling very far from sun and bring a unity to the design.

When the house was originally purchased, there were no interior walls at all, giving the architects free reign to create something completely unique.

The simplicity of the interior colors and materials is no mistake. In addition to white walls and ceilings, nearly all the furniture is made from pine or beech.

As night falls, the magic hour takes over the common area beautifully giving it an otherwordly glow.

And as the dark settles in, light from upstairs makes the house look as if it is alive and lit from within.

Storage is always a consideration in homes where there are children and these built-ins let the kids easily access their own toys and supplies.

Because most of the family’s time is spent in the common downstairs, the bedrooms upstairs are cozy and small. The wood bedroom details, from expansive shelving to a beautiful custom platform bed are perfect for the smaller room.

The staircase is another focal point of the home’s design, winding its way upstairs through the center of the house.

Being able to peek out from the staircase on the way upstairs makes this much friendlier than a closed off stairwell.

There is never a bad time to lounge on your own built-in hammock wall.

With proper supervision, the wall netting also makes for a fun play element.

The kids can easily race up and down the central staircase to access their bedrooms or the kid’s area beneath the stairs.

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