A Tour Of The Amazing “Lobster House” By Panoramic Studio

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the gorgeous Lobster House by Panoramic Studio is a sprawling residence that showcases distinctive architecture outside and in. It seems to borrow inspiration from the iconic glass houses of the mid century modern era, wrapped in a frame of columns like the classics, and wonderfully clad with on-trend materials. Inside, wide open spaces make this home ideal for entertaining guests but doesn’t lack cozy private spaces to work or relax on quiet days. We hope you enjoy your tour – don’t forget to stop by the comment section to let us know what you think.

Architect: Panoramic Studio  
Photographer: Tinnaphop Chawatin   

The exterior is made up of several distinct volumes, each differentiated by small changes like their offset planes and changing structural treatments. While some areas are enveloped by beams, others are encased in glass. Cool white surfaces transition to details made from wood, slate, and abundant warm brick. These subtle and gradual evolutions give the home a dynamic feeling that varies according to perspective.

The unique layout itself serves a purpose as well, keeping the interior feeling fresh and open while allowing desirable elements – like cool breezes and indirect sunlight – filter through the living spaces unimpeded.

With such extensive communication between indoor and outdoor views, it makes sense to focus on well-formed landscaping without actively obstructing the view outdoors. Sculpted trees like these are a prized possession to the developers of luxury real estate – even big companies, like Apple who caused a stir by gobbling up desirable specimens for its spaceship shaped headquarters.

The interior opens to a spectacular double-height living room, crossed by a unique center beam staircase. A wall of windows absolutely lavishes the interior with light. Oversized doors on either end swing open to move the breeze through the interior, seemingly erasing the boundary between outdoors and in.

Located in a wide open hall, the dining room is ideal for entertaining. Guests can easily mingle between the reception area, the dining table, and the expansive wrap-around patio with its surrounding gardens. The focus here is, of course, the spider like chandelier.

These water features aren’t just aesthetic – they also help to passively cool the home as the breeze sweeps across. Here, this handsome pond pulls double duty by cooling the attached veranda and the dining room all at once.

And here’s a quick peek at the private kitchen. Honey-toned wood lends this space a sense of warmth and comfort, the perfect ambiance for an area that traditionally serves as the heart of a home. Residents can enjoy their coffee or tea at the breakfast bar while enjoying the sunrise from the backsplash windows.

Social areas occupy the downstairs area while private spaces like bedrooms reside on the upper level. A small and comfortable library tucks neatly away on the mezzanine in between.

With an office like this, who wouldn’t want to work from home? Filled with eclectic decorations and useful supplies, this space is sure to spark the imagination for creative work. There’s even a little daybed tucked in near the window for contemplative breaks from the everyday grind.

Bedrooms remain just as open and airy as the rest of the home. With access to fresh air, unique ceiling fans like this one are a great solution for drawing the inside.

An undeniable classic, 4 poster beds have never gone out of style. This one makes it easy to close the side curtains to soften the light or to shield some of the nighttime breeze.

This secondary bedroom hides atop a spacious loft area. The black curtain not only provides privacy, but helps block noise and light from downstairs as well.

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