A Stunning Butterfly-Inspired House on the California Coast

Most people will never be lucky enough to live in a house that is as inspired, unique, and luxurious as the one featured in this post. But looking inside this stunning space, located right on the Pacific on Highway 1, is an inspiration nonetheless. Designed by Wallace Cunningham at Wallace Cunningham, Inc. for creator Joan Murray, this architectural achievement is breathtaking. From the curved facade to the unparalleled views of the ocean, from glass walls to perfectly perched outdoor space, this home is a true retreat from reality. Let’s step inside and get the full view.

The 2667 square foot (247 square meter) home sits atop a cliff in Carmel, in central California.

The unique exterior takes inspiration for its curves from the aerodynamic beauty of a butterfly.

Although the home itself is breathaking, its design is built around an appreciation for the surrounding natural beauty, including the tempestuous ocean, cypress trees, and sunsets.

Of course, the interior is certainly not an afterthought. Carefully chosen elements like this Wassily Chair, designed by Marcel Breuer, and other modern classic chairs add another layer of luxury to the home.

It is no surprise that the name of this particular home is “Serenity.” Ocean views as well tiny succulents tucked into concrete planters and even an architecturally unique coffee table make for a calming and nearly zen experience.

The use of glass, from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, indicates a total obsession with and appreciation of the Carmel coastline, which is known worldwide for its beauty.

In the simple bedroom, an Eames Lounge Chair acts as a comfortable reading chair while a unique floor lamp casts a warm glow on the reading nook.

Even the bathroom, with its beautiful soaking tub, gives the bather a spectacular view.

The three-bedroom house has three bathrooms and one half bath, making it ideal for a small family or a couple who wants to entertain (and show off their spectacular investment).

The home took more than a decade to plan and complete, but the finished product was most certainly worth the wait for the architect and for Ms. Murray.

The curved steel that looks so elegant on the exterior also has a unique effect on the interior spaces, making for interesting corridors and seating areas.

Simple landscaping does not detract from the surrounding nature, which again is the main draw of the home.

Unique staircase designs like this one are necessary when dealing with a house that is a far cry from your typical multilevel design.

Int he kitchen, natural wood cabinetry is kept low to the ground so that nothing obstructs the sunlight and view.

Preparing breakfast must be quite a chose when the ocean beckons as it does in Serenity.

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