A Gorgeous Real World Hobbit House In Scotland

Reddit user KahlumG shared photos of this amazing hobbit-style home located outside of Tomach village in Scotland – this incredible residence is the result of tireless effort by a husband and wife team who salvage, craft, sew, and carve to create their own magical mind-bending wonderland from the objects they can find in the wilderness around them. While the verdant exterior of the home is certainly breathtaking on its own, the rustic interior is filled to the rafters with even more one-of-a-kind delights to explore and enjoy. Would you ever adopt a magical retreat like this one to be your full-time residence?

The exterior of the main building is constructed almost entirely of concrete, allowing a variety of gorgeous vines and mosses to take root all over. Concrete’s ability to weather quickly will lend the home even more character and charisma as the years go by.

Most of the woodwork is salvaged and hand-carved by the owner, including this whimsical front door. Other features are repurposed from existing objects, like the adorable barrel succulent planters on either side.

Parts of the home protrude from the main volume and feature traditional sod roofing. Not only is the sod beautiful, but it’s an effective natural insulator.

The exterior blends garden and patio. Flat paving stones enjoy their own touch of mossy green.

Here’s a look at the nearby greenhouse. It’s equipped with its own lovely little pond, complete with its own water wheel and tiny arched bridge.

Artwork hides in the most unexpected places – a face peers out from the end of the roof purlin.

Bold iron details lend the entryway an intriguing medieval appeal. The round door leads to a small mud room with a more practical interior door on the other side.

As the stylistic influence would imply, the home itself does face a bit of vertical restriction – it might not make a comfortable residence for the tallest of people, but it would still be fun to visit and explore!

The interior is unbelievably cozy, filled with distinctive patters and textures and furnished with amazing hand-crafted works of art like the coffee table and small stool made from whole slabs of tree trunks.

A long curved sofa leaves plenty of space for small collectibles and knickknacks on the remaining surface near the wall.

Many of the wood decorations would make interesting DIY projects. The picture frames made from knotted wood slices would be fun to make with some woodworking know-how.

The open plan layout helps to mitigate the effects of living within such a small floor plan. The living room opens up into a cozy kitchen equipped with a traditional masonry heater and cook stove.

Even the sinks have their own sense of charm! Can you imagine tidying up after dinner to a view like this?

Despite its limited size, the kitchen still maintains plenty of space for storage and to display a variety of interesting serving ware.

A stunning curved staircase leads to the bedrooms, office, and other private areas upstairs.

No part of this home is ordinary. Even the bathroom design goes above and beyond to feel like a secret retreat in the forest.

The bedroom isn’t short on warmth and comfort. It’s not short on storage, either – plenty of built-in cabinets line the walls to make organization a little easier.

All of the quilts are handmade, a true labor of love.

The upstairs also features a small office. The desk is made from a recovered tree trunk with the worktop carefully carved from a branch.

Unbelievable pieces like these fill the home, sturdy enough to remain heirlooms for generations to come.

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