A Comfortable Modern Home with Colorful Accents

Every home needs a bit of color. Even the most minimalist designers will include a splash of yellow, a touch of red, or a spray of leaves for their bright green. In this home, from visualizer Plasterlina, we get perfect pops of color without being overwhelmed by brightness. The design actually utilizes quite a bit of neutral colors and bare wood paneling, making the areas where bright colors are used stand out even more. Further, the entire home has a unified feel, with certain elements carrying the design from room to room, making the house feel like a home for a tight-knit family.

Though percentage-wise there is not a tremendous amount of color in the main living space, the eye is immediately drawn to the colorful carpet and bits of red on the unique wall shelving.

The design takes “clean lines” to a different level, using intersecting lines to create interest everywhere from a sectional sofa to a geometric light fixture.

Over the sofa, unique wall shelves make it look as if the books are going to slide right off.

The soft gray color of the furniture is a cozy alternative to cream or white, making the space automatically feel more lived in.

Unique floor lamps make a cool addition to a space that already embraces unique lighting. There is no shortage of artificial or natural light in this spacious living room.

To carry on with the lighting theme, modern dining pendant lights make a sleek addition to the creatively designed eating area.

As always, white and wood kitchens are both modern and classic in their welcoming design.

Atop that clean, white kitchen counter, unique planters are right at home, bringing some natural color into the room.

Kitchen bar stools are not necessarily the most exciting choice for any home, but these get the job done.

Natural grain wood paneling that extends from the wall to the ceiling (in some parts of the home) is warm and welcoming.

Of course, we can never forget about storage. This wood close with decorative wall hooks is perfect for placing coats at the end of a long day.

Here you get a peek of some more unique shelving, made from wooden pegs and flat pieces of wood carefully stacked.

Another nook by the door makes for the perfect place to put on and take off shoes, while an old-fashioned clock lets you know when you’re running late.

This large bedroom is plenty spacious to serve many different purposes.

Dividing bigger rooms into smaller spaces is an important skill for any designers. The creative use of colorful rope here is a truly ingenious solution.

Light fixtures in black and white have a bit of DIY flair to them.

In one room there is a reading nook, bedroom, study space and lots of open floor.

The geometric theme carries throughout the house with triangular speckles fluttering across one wall.

In another bedroom, we see how dark colors can make for a really comfortable sleeping space.

Dark bedrooms like this one are perfect for sleeping when the curtains are closed.

During the day, natural light floods in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the bathroom, we return to some of the playful elements we saw earlier, like faux deer heads and cute, matching soap and lotion dispensers.

The bright green shelving in the bathroom is cute without going too far into whimsical.

A cluster of hanging lights adds a modern twist.

In fact, the geometric light fixture is quite reminiscent of the larger fixture in the living room.

Between the fixture, the wood, and the color, this bathroom is he perfect culmination of this home’s design.

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