50 Unique End Tables That Add The Perfect Living Room Finish

In front of the couch lies the coffee table; to the side the end table. Small, handy and often overlooked, the end table can add a point of interest or finishing touch to your living room’s interior. Have a lounge full of travel souvenirs? Place your latest read on a mandala table to relive old times. Can’t be bothered reaching that extra metre? Rest your tea or coffee cup on a rock-bottom, geometric, or Scandinavian-looking end table instead. Feel your living room furniture is a bit on the dull side? Spice it up with a peacock table. Take a gander at our top 50.

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Stylish Round End Table: Want your end table to look a tad more rustic? Pick up this teakwood creation that uses branches as legs.

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Teakwood End Table: Another teakwood end table strikes a pose with a solid trunk leg. Place your small succulents or coffee cups upon its mock-ring wood top.

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Accent Teakwood Table: Looking to combine the natural and the man-made? This wooden rock supports your latest read under glass.

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End Table From Coconut Shells: Dare to be different with your end table. This quirky, seemingly-patterned cube is made entirely from coconut shells.


Rustic-Style Wooden Trunk End Table: Make your lounge look like you’ve just stepped off a 19th Century steamboat. This rectangular wooden trunk offers hidden storage underneath its latch.

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Leather Trunk Table: Looking for a trunk end table an explorer would use? Get it in leather with this more cubic example of travel-themed home décor.

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Aquarium End Table: Let a veritable school live under your teacup. This glass-topped table features a fish-ready aquarium.


Pet Crate End Table: Feel your furry friend needs a seat of their own? Sit them inside this sustainable hevea wood table, to keep their hair off the couch.

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Wireframe End Table: Show off your books without building a bookcase. This wireframe end table boasts powder-coated steel and a walnut finish.


Modern-Style Square End Table With Storage: Sonoma oak holds your cups, ornaments and a few magazines in this reclaimed-look piece.


C End Reclaimed Wood Finish End Table: After an end table different to the rest? Push your table ledge to the limit with an innovative C shape.


End Table With Space For Phone Charger: Tired of bulky phone and laptop chargers cluttering your space? Hide them inside this melamine-veneer, two-shelf end table – and poke your gadgets out the side.


Modern Black End Table With Storage: Not sure where you’d like your end table to sit? This dark wooden find is designed to work from its left or right side.

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Modern Long End Table: Cow-hide leather and rose-gold make this narrow end table shine. Store your favourite book collection on the lower level, your tea and biscuits on the top.


Mid-Century Style End Table: Go back to the 50’s with this classic end table look. A white and dark oak finish over hardwood provides a sturdy frame boasting two drawers.


Modern Scandinavian-Style End Table: Scandinavian furniture makes style look effortless. Add it to your living room with this white and wood walnut table.

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Minimalist Nordic-Style End Table: After the bare basics? Unpolished wood with four legs and a desk drawer is in order.

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Modern Glass-End Table With Wood Base: Casual and relaxed, this stylish splayed-leg table is perfect for a range of interiors. Place its wood, iron and glass-topped form beside your sofa or bed.

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Sculptural Wooden End Table: Sculpted out of a dark walnut block, this origami-style end table is certainly different. Use it as a cup holder and art piece in a dark tone living room.

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Geeky Pi End Table: Perfect for your lounge or patio, this end table is a sure giveaway you’re into maths. Do your numbers on its teakwood form with gripping feet.


Geometric Metal End Table: Make a statement in your living room. This painted metal end table is all about its many legs.

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Faceted Iron And Wood End Table: Find something more sturdy, with this faceted iron and wood version. A stunning end table (or even cheeky ottoman), it’s your lounge’s next understated art piece.

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Twisted Mirrored-End Table: Don’t use wood in your living room? Use mirrors instead. This twisted end table offers a narrow ledge and the illusion of greater space.

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Round Stylish Mirrored-End Table: Want your table legs to dance to a different tune? Painted in stone, these metal concentric circles offer an unusual base for your lamp.

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Geometric Color Patterned End Table: Reds, oranges and a high box on legs take you back to the 70’s with this oak end table. Lock away valuables in its cabinet and seat lamps on its head.

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Colorful Mandalal Tables: Achieve Hindu and Buddhist inner calm, with these colourful and fun end tables. Handmade in Turkey, their floral edges are sure to make a splash.

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Futuristic Cubical White End Table: Go forward with this futuristic end table. White-painted wood cut in many grooves adds subtle flair to a minimalist living room.

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Triangular Corner End Table: Set your coffee or magazine on a triangular stand. An iron frame supports a mixture of ash tree and pear wood.

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Sphere Base End Table: Let your table legs fizz up to a glass top. These chrome-plated spheres add the perfect accent to a metallic-themed lounge.

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Modern Curvy End Table: Don’t want your magazines on your lap or table? Drop them into the purpose-built grooves of this quirky end table.

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Geometric Origami-Style Glass End Table: Twist glass this way and that for an alternative art piece. This end table is a fitting match for white or silver lounge accessories.


White Multi-Way End Table: Melamine-coated and water-resistant, this table works around your décor – not your decor around it. Lay it in on its side beside a low sofa, or stand it high to reach arm level.

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Stacked Books End Table: Book lovers can’t go past this stacked end table. Place your latest read and coffee cup atop its olden-day form.

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Peacock End Table: Are you a bit of a show off? Display it loud and proud, with this brass piece of peacock décor under your prawn sandwiches.

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Deer-Shaped Side Table: The brushed brass-finish horns of this ibex make themselves known in your lounge. Stand this end table in full view of the doorway, to display its tempered glass top.

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Deer-Shaped Accent Table With Storage: Also available in a lighter brown, this shelved deer is laser-cut from many layers of wood. Use it as a side table or computer desk.

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Sculptural Maharaja’s Elephant End Table: Want to inject an Indian feel into your living room? Add some elephant décor, with this hand-cast, crushed-stone piece crafted by artisans.

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Octopus End Table: Let an octopus curl up beside your couch. Its metal legs hold glass in this unusual piece of octopus décor.

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Mermaid End Table: After a piece of mermaid décor instead? This aluminium end table offers up the shells in her hand.

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Guarding Dragon End Table: Fantasy fiction fans will love this quirky piece of dragon home décor. Stand its snarling form in front of the lounge door, scaring away unwelcome visitors.

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Tree-Shaped End Table: After something closer to nature? Stand your glass surface on a painted metal cypress tree.

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Arc De Triomphe Sculptural End Table: Crushed stone coated in resin creates an end table reminiscent of France.

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Industrial-Style End Table: Have an industrial living room to cater for? This wood and metal table mimics a turn-of-the-century drafting seat.

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Steampunk-Style Coffee Table: Wheel around your coffee table in this steampunk-style invention. Perfect for bringing breakfast to your loved one, it’d sit well next to a worn leather couch.

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Nuts, Bolts and Screws Glass Top End Table: Only steampunk décor could create a table where nuts and bolts are the feature. Sit it next to your handyman during TV time.

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Metal Clock End Table: Need to see the time under your teacup? This nautical home décor table with working clock has the perfect solution.

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Decorative Wooden End Table: Get yourself a wood stack, without the fire. This chunky, semi-circular end table is a great match for a glass of wine.

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Stylish Wooden Table With Side Pockets: Give your lounge a quick tidy. This wooden end table has side pockets to hide all your tidbits.

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Cubical End Table: After something more solid? Find it in this teakwood square.

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Round Rattan End Table: For those using many natural lounge fabrics, this rattan end table completes the look.

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