3 Soothing Scandinavian Interiors

The rise of Scandinavian design in popularity is hardly new. However, there is little that is more soothing than taking a step inside a home that uses the simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian style to such great effect as these three homes do. Clean lines, simple colors, and an attention to practical details like storage are themes that run through all three homes featured here. White walls and organized bedrooms, with a few carefully chosen piece of artwork have never looked so lovely and inviting. Take a look inside and get inspired for your own Scandinavian-style projects.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

The first home measures 83 square meters (893 square feet) and is located in the Volozhin district in Belarus.

The interior of the cottage is designed with function in mind while still being quite artistic, including elements like the AJ Floor Lamp and ultra creative wall drawings.

The elongated shape of the house made it a challenge to accommodate all the different areas the family wanted, but it has been done with a large living room, kitchenette, two bedrooms, hall, boiler room, and bathroom.

In Scandinavian design, the environment typically plays a role and this house is no exception with the inclusion of eco-panels.

The interior of the home is quite light in its design with a few pops of bright color and some truly unique wall designs to bring an edge of whimsy.

For instance, in the kitchenette a bright pink backsplash really stands out against stark white countertops.

According to the designer, the house is a bit of an “introvert” with its dark exterior/light interior design.

The effect of these color and design choices is another layer of functionality, with the home working perfectly in all types of weather, welcoming, warm, and calming.

A bit more color in the bedrooms than in the main area allows for a degree of personality, though the seafoam green certainly meshes with the other color options.

The design does not skew so far towards minimalism that it negates all storage, with functional but beautiful bedroom shelving.

An Eames chair and matching table are always a welcome nod to the importance of simplicity in true style.

The space is made more comfortable for a family with the addition of this attic bedroom, nestled in the house’s rafters. It’s a cozy retreat for anyone.

A bit of the green palette is also carried into the bathroom, though brighter, and it plays again against white.

The unique art that crawls up the bathroom wall is indicative of the homeowner’s eye for design and art. It is directly on the wall, can never be bought or sold, and is a part of the house and its story.

Overall, this home is a stunning retreat for a small family with eye-catching artistic elements, effective use of color and a careful attention to the details of a stylish life.

Visualizer: T Studio  

While this next home may have its differences with the first, there are still many similarities, including an attention to artistic details like the tropical leaves prints featured in the main living space.

Indeed, it is the details that make all the difference in creating a stunning home.
From subtle geometric nesting tables to a carefully perched Eames Bird replica, this is clearly a space of someone who cares what their home looks like.

The Scandinavian style chairs featured in the living room are another attractive element.

Hanging about a simple dining table is a unique spider chandelier that gives a fairly timeless design a more modern twist.

Of course, no loving decorated home is complete without a pop of natural greenery.

Beautiful wood flooring with white walls is a classic look for a reason: it is simple yet always elegant.

In the bedroom we see more examples of this art lover’s style with a piece by Luke Dixon over the bed. You can check out more of his prints here.

Beautiful natural light makes for a perfect work space, replete with more greenery by way of a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Visualizer: 365 Design  

In the final home, we will see more white walls and well chosen art work, with an emphasis on simple sophisitication.

The open floorplan living area makes a smaller space seem big, leaving room for a modern dining area and hanging woven light fixutre.

A small balcony leaves just enough space for dining al fresco, bringing the white outdoors as well.

In the master bedroom, a cool gray reigns, cozy and welcoming.

Sliding glass doors separate the master bedroom from the en suite, for the illusion of even more space.

Unique bedroom pendant lights hang on either side of the bed to great effect.

A houseplant plus built in shelving give the room some life.

While pink is certainly not a revolutionary choice for a child’s room, here it is such a subtle and pretty shade that it adds an air of sophistication.

From walls to linens to wood flooring, the tone of the room stays consistent.

Unique wall shelves give even a young child a place to display her most beloved objects.

In another room, a denim blue makes for a calming accent color while a yellow Eames chair is a stylish way to study.

The beautiful pendant light in this bedroom is the IC S Pendant Light by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.

A simple white and gray bathroom is made playful again with the choice of wall art.

Bringing plant life into the shower is one way to make the space unique.

White tile and cabinetry plus a single brass light fixture as the perfect level of elevated simplicity.

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