3 Small Home Interiors With Their Own Sense Of Style

When space is limited it can be hard to think big on design, but these three small apartments each hold strong individual style. Apartment one shows how to introduce colourful elements into plain white and wood tone surroundings to achieve a truly unique look. Number two is a studio layout with a spacious feel and an earthy brown, beige and black palette that was designed to promote tranquility. Home number three is a loft renovation that harbours smooth grey and light natural tones, with a slightly industrial chic air coming from exposed red brick walls and strong lines. If you’ve been stuck with ideas for a small space, then get inspired by this terrific trio.

Visualizer: Artem Trigubchak  

A dark coral modern sofa dominates the space inside this small white living room scheme. Scatter cushions and wall art complement a colourful area rug. The black swing arm wall lamp that provides task lighting over the sofa is the Serge Mouille Style Double Swing Arm Wall Lamp.

A glass carafe and glasses set adorns a modern marble coffee table. The blue, white and mustard sections of the floor rug design meet beneath it.

A small change in floor height marks the border of the neighbouring bedroom, which is concealed behind wood bifold doors. To the side of the doors there is a stack of built-in bookshelves that can also be accessed from a small hallway on the other side.

The bedroom opens up on two sides, with a second sliding door leading to the small hallway behind the bookcase. When the door is not covering the exit, it appears as a wardrobe door inside the bedroom. A single bedside table lamp illuminates the bespoke space.

Opposite the living room sofa, we find the doorway leading to the kitchen diner.

Mirrored art adds colour to a white wall.

The circle pattern in the mirrored wall art echoes the circular outline of the blue dining table, and its tri-tubular trunk.

Small dining pendant lights reflect in the coloured glass on the wall, and illuminate the space over the unusual table and modern dining chairs.

Blue drinking glasses match the table.

A simple white kitchen creates a clean backdrop for the colourful dining spot.

Marble tiles make up a pale backsplash in the minimalist white kitchen. A single black fruit bowl adorns its surface.

Designer: Ruda Studio  
Visualizer: Ruda Studio  

A vision of earthy browns fill our second small apartment. Uplifting highlights come in the form of a light kitchen peninsula and a modern coffee table, whilst smaller fixtures provide the anchoring lowlights.

There is only one window in the apartment, so an open floor plan enables daylight to travel into the kitchen and bedroom. Since the bedroom is just a place to sleep, most floor area was allocated to the main living space to allow for a large sofa and a home office zone.

Two small bedroom pendant lights provide a cosy glow when the privacy curtains are drawn around the volume.

The inviting body of warm wood flooring found in the living room is replaced by modernistic microcement in all other areas. Three tubular kitchen pendant lights hang along the length of a breakfast bar, where the stools face toward the floor-to-ceiling panoramic window for sweeping city views.

Grey kitchen decor is underlined with earthy brown cabinets. The light countertop cuts through the shade. A black kitchen faucet matches with a black SMEG fridge-freezer, whilst gold wall sconces accessorise the sophisticated look.

A backlit mirror serves a dedicated dressing room.

Glass doors protect the contents of the closet from dust and wandering kitchen odours.

The modern home office area sits by the window. Just like the rest of the apartment, the study setup is designed to promote a calm emotional state. Jarring contrast and vivid colour is rejected in favour of natural materials and simplistic form. Here, a comfortable brown desk chair has been teamed with a minimalist desk, and a neat table lamp.

A long modern bathroom vanity spans one wall of the bathroom, served by a huge vanity mirror.

Black fixtures kit out the stylish minimalist bathroom.

A wood wet zone has a warming effect in the white bathroom.

The flush plate is camouflaged in wood effect.

Closets are encased in glass.

A wood slat wall is equipped with coat hooks in the entryway.

Visualizer: Arq 2 Design  

Paris themed wall art decorates the exposed brick living room wall of this loft renovation.

The living room is situated directly adjacent to the kitchen, which is decorated in the same grey and light natural tones with a subtle hint of industrial chic. A wooden desk wheels out from under a dining bar, which holds a designer table lamp and office files. Two kitchen bar stools make up an eating area at the other end of the short countertop.

This angle shows us the limitations of space in the compact apartment.

Opposite the sofa, the tv wall is part solid, part glass partition. Behind the partition lies the bedroom.

The kitchen diner sweeps around in a U-shaped arrangement, which ends at a utility area to the right hand side.

Geometric tiling backs the grey and white kitchen. A white worktop crisps the look.

A monochrome bathroom lies just past the utility area.

Vertical planting flourishes on the enclosed balcony. Comfy bespoke seating makes this a great reading nook.

A bar area fills the other side of the balcony.

Despite the small size of the window, a full wall width of window blinds have been installed, which gives the dressing a much more substantial look. Raw brickwork, muted fabrics and wireframe lighting come together to make an industrial yet cozy bedroom scheme.

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