3 Modern Studio Apartments With Glass-Walled Bedrooms

While some studio floor plans can accommodate bedroom privacy without the need for additional curtains or screens, this post looks at apartments that required a different approach. Each of these compact apartments separate the bedroom from the rest of the space with attractive glass walls – a lightweight solution that dampens unwanted noise and creates physical boundaries without looking too “closed off”. If you’re looking for ways to isolate the bedroom without disrupting the visual flow of your home, check out these three gorgeous apartments below.

Visualizer: Vlad Crest  

At 45 square meters in size, this compact apartment doesn’t have much space to create a separate environment for each room – thankfully, the designers were able to use features like sliding curtains and frosted glass doors as flexible partitions where needed. The tour starts with a look at the living room, divided from the office and library area by simple white drapery.

The decor is restrained but avoids full minimalism. Bold contrasting colors add energy to the room while subtle abstract artwork centers the eye above the sofa.

At first glance, it’s not entirely obvious that the interior is technically a studio – the glazed sliding door does a fantastic job of concealing the bedroom from view. Elsewhere, a similar wall separates the living room from the kitchen.

Small industrial influences like this concrete accent wall gives the apartment urban appeal, an interesting textural contrast compared to the frosted windows at the side.

Fresh cut plants and a rustic serving tray are nice home-like touches.

Frosted glass walls give the bedroom a chance to embrace its own unique style. The dramatic accent wall is a playful approach to space themed decor.

Low pendants are a great way to shine a little light on a side table or vanity without illuminating the entire room, especially helpful for those who share a bed with a partner.

This cozy entrance niche is smart and functional. The pouf makes it easy to untie shoes, the mirror offers a chance to tidy hair or collars before heading out, and the small vanity and drawers are useful for emptying pockets.

Of course, a comfortable reading chair is a must-have for anybody who enjoys a good book in the evening – a good adjustable floor lamp is an obligatory companion.

Across from the reading chair, snuggled into its own private niche, a small office offers plenty of peace and privacy for concentration.

Square shelves serve as an attractive way to highlight small sculptures, toys, and other decorations to help inspire creativity while working.

While it’s common to choose streamlined desks for small spaces like this, creative types often benefit from having more surface area for writing and sketching and other physical tasks.

Chartreuse, gray, and tangerine orange take the home’s colorful theme to a new and more dramatic level.

In some ways, the design seems almost retro – the shapes and colors are borrowed from atomic era design, but the overall composition is undeniably contemporary.

Glossy surfaces help bounce sunlight back into the room, eliminating shadows and making the space feel larger.

Smooth surfaces like these easily show smudges, which is actually part benefit and part drawback. On one hand it can be difficult to keep up with, but residents will never have to second-guess whether the surface is clean.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

This comfortable small apartment seems to echo the colors and atmosphere of a bright spring day. In keeping with the springtime inspiration, greenery plays an important role throughout – if you’re curious about the potted indoor plant at the left, it’s a Ficus lyrata, also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Glass walls encase the bedroom. It helps to dampen the sound from the living room without making the space look smaller. An interior window allows sunlight to pour into the kitchen.

More small plants line the windowsill, always a great decor option for small spaces. You’ll also find a few copper-colored elements scattered throughout.

Simplicity defines the kitchen’s eat-in dining arrangement. White chairs and a natural wood table put functionality first. A pair of unique candlesticks add a subtle dash of color.

Surprisingly, the kitchen strays far from the minimalism the rest of the home enjoyed. The brass fixtures and cabinet handles look incredibly charming against their pastel background.

Visualizer: Mosa Studio  

Finally, here’s something a little different – dark, moody, and refined. This studio apartment uses sliding glass doors to separate the living and kitchen spaces from the combination office, bedroom, and master bathroom. It’s an interesting approach that makes the interior feel more segmented without disrupting line of sight across the interior.

Dark leather, neutral colors, and simple accessories create a streamlined aesthetic.

Stone accents serve as a sophisticated alternative to the trend of concrete feature walls. A border of lightly-veined marble transitions to a surface for the television and small sculpture.

Thanks to the sliding glass walls, the resident can choose to open up the space – perhaps to enjoy the television – or close the space to reduce noise from other occupants or guests.

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