3 Home Interiors That Prominently Feature Art

Art has always been a part of beautiful home interiors throughout the ages, but much of the hand crafted works we used to embrace in decor has been replaced with displays of digital prints, abundant photos, and motivational quotes. Ornamental sculptures have fallen by the wayside with the influx of scented candles and simple modern accessories. However, art is a fundamental part of human nature, and should be embraced to enrich and enliven our homes. Art can inspire decor colour palettes and shape themes. The art of using art should not be lost, so we’ve put together three home interiors that prominently feature art, and do it well.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

Launching our gallery of art infused homes, this all white living room is invigorated with a colourful piece of wall art that brings in rich hues of red, blue and yellow ochre.

Sculptural art sits atop a set of nesting coffee tables in the centre of the modern white lounge design, casually clustered with books and a floral arrangement.

A larger collection of well read books have been made at home on bespoke bookcases, which are built into the alcoves on either side of a chimney breast.

The colourful wall art breathes life right through the lounge and into an adjacent dining room. A decorative bowl brings an artistic touch to the round dining table.

A darker piece of wall art makes striking contrast with the stark white wall of the dining room.

More art clusters with the dining room sideboard to make an attractive vista.

Large wall sconces shed light of the artwork when the sun goes down.

Mirrored panels behind each wall sconce boosts the light source, bouncing more illumination back into the room.

Moving past the formal dining room we find ourselves in a kitchen with a breakfast bar. An ornate fruit bowl displays three layers of berries and citrus fruits, as though it were the subject of a still life painting. Fine china splashes pretty pastel shades of blue, yellow and light red across the table–the same colours found in the first painting back in the lounge.

A unique chandelier, a chic glass table, and an eye-catching bowl come together as one complete and exquisite artistic installation in the home entryway.

The floor has been edged in golden tones to match the gold frames of the wall art along the hallway.

More of the golden yellow tone makes an appearance over two accent chairs too, sitting either side of a gold finished hallway table topped with a sleek animal sculpture. A piece of abstract art is mounted between two gilded wall sconces.

Inside the master bedroom there is a lavish collection of upscale accessories and luxury furniture.

Bedside cabinets are detailed with gold motifs. Bedroom pendant lights hang as gleaming silver vessels.

Each small detail is a skillfully crafted piece.

A glass vase sits at each side of the bathroom vanity, framing an artfully decorated mirror.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk  

The gallery walls are darkened down in home number two, where grey decor forms the backdrop of Penthouse TriBeCa.

A vibrant painting of a Galago has inspired a quirky colour palette of bright blues, orange and yellow in the furniture and home accents. The grey walls soften the barrage of colour.

Classical greek sculptures are displayed on a glass coffee table in the middle of the lounge arrangement.

Blue grey tones strike through the floor rug, as though it were an artist’s impression of the marble kitchen island standing nearby.

An Eames style lounge chair reclines beneath art mounted on a grey panel wall.

Golden legs and a black marble top build an impressive side table beneath an exhibit.

A unique staircase design climbs the space above a resplendent kitchen.

Gold edging on the staircase matches with gold etching on the kitchen cabinets.

Glass balustrades let the metallic zigzag of the treads and risers shine through.

The midas touch carries on through the apartment, detailing every available accent and accessory.

The private master suite follows a more shadowy theme, with black painted walls. A light figurine stands out against the pitch panels.

A bright teal headboard contrast with the rest of the black bedroom. An easel displays a humorous painting in a traditional frame to add to the offbeat personality of the room.

Gold accessories dress the bedside.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Petrukhina  

Our last tour around an art inspired home starts in a modest open plan living room. A swing arm wall lamp sheds light onto a modern sofa that cuts the open floor plan in half. A kitchen diner resides in the background, along with a modern take on Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’.

The hand detail from Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation Of Adam’ reaches across a set of tv cabinet doors–the fingers poised to come together when the doors are closed.

A round coffee table set adds shape in the centre of the lounge.

Peach dining chairs add colour into the gold and grey kitchen.

A modern chandelier descends in two pieces over the dining set, one vertical pendant crossing the horizontal line of the other.

A stunning ring pendant lights the adjacent kitchen island.

In the hallway, red artwork ribbons down a contrasting blue wall.

Sculptural pendant lights hover closely over a plinth placed smack at the core of the home entryway. An artistic floor design exaggerates the centre placed feature, with rings radiating outward in the terrazzo.

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