2 Simply Chic Homes with Lots of Light

Clean lines and simply chic design is all the rage, and when it’s done well there is no question as to why. A step inside a home that utilizes the beauty and simplicity of this style is relaxing and inspiring. The two homes featured here are prime examples of what works so well in these Scandinavian-inspired looks: some simple, high-quality furniture, a few carefully chosen plants, and a bit of artwork that’s meaningful to the homeowners. Neither of these homes uses a tremendous amount of color, which actually serves to open up the rooms and pull focus on both natural light and the use of beautiful light fixtures.

Visualizer: Svoya Studio  

You might think that a clean, nearly minimalist look precludes a large wall shelf, but if that shelf is carefully fit to the room, it can work beautifully.

The indoor house plants used in both houses are important elements, bringing in a bit of nature and color.

A large modern sofa acts as an effective focal point while a small coffee table is practical but does not call attention to itself.

The large Fiddle Leaf Fig stands tall and nearly mimics a statue.

In the dining area, Scandinavian style chairs fit in perfectly while decorative vases add some fun and serve a practical purpose. The use of artificial tropical leaves brings in the all important color but without all the watering.

The bedroom takes simplicity even further, but wall sconces provide light and a bird lamp adds a touch of whimsy.

Beautiful blue curtains frame a large window that makes the somewhat small room feel bigger.

Indeed, the simple design can be helpful in expanding the space in the eye of the viewer.

As far as kid’s decor, the design stays true to the clean design with a bit more color.

The decorative kids’ beds make effective use of vertical space in this room.

Stylish rolling desk chairs make studying at the desk nestled underneath the window even more inviting.

Moving into the bathrooms, the simplicity is perhaps most evident.

Natural wood, ecru walls, and a pretty pale blue pedestal sink make for a very calming bathroom interior.

Even the soap dispensers in this design are chic and sleek.

Recessed lighting is ideal in this serene bathroom space, giving it a beautiful glow and taking up no space at all.

Visualizer: 365 design  

The second home has a similarly simple style but brings in a few more playful and patterned elements. Even the couch side plant stand is a little bit fun.

A warm, dark sofa fits will with the neutral tones throughout the rest of the main living area.

A cool floor lamp certainly shows off an affinity for design.

From the plethora of planters to the home’s unique coffee mugs, this is certainly a space for people who care about the things that surround them.

The modern dining chairs in the dining area are a popular shape while simple dining room pendant lights keep things easily illuminated.

In the bedroom, industrial style lighting is the style of choice.

But even the industrial style has a bit of softness to it with its diamond-shape design.

Without a lot of natural light , recessed lighting and white walls help things to feel more optn.

A simple bathroom with a patterned rug ties this room to the rest of the home.

White tile in a shower never goes out of style.

A pendant light is less common in the bathroom setting, but it works here and is quite lovely.

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