Home Decor Gifts For Photography Lovers

Looking for a gift for someone who is not an architect or a book lover? Are they into photography? If so, look no further. Celebrate your loved ones’ photography with home décor that mimics their passions. Want to track the evolution of the modern photographer from the caveman? Show it in a wall decal. Want a nifty toilet paper holder that goes outside the brief? House it in an Instax. Hanging camera decorations, antique desk lights and a plethora of kitchen and bedroom accessories are all provided for in our list. Take a look to garner some inspiration for your friends’, or your own, passion for the perfect picture.

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Camera Pen & Stationary Holder: Take a sketch for your photographs, with this camera-look stationery holder on your desk. Made from unbreakable resin, an accidental drop in the office won’t present a broken image.

Buy It: $15  

Camera Vase: Make florals come to life – out of the camera that made them immortal. Silverstone resin and waterproof lining mean its interior won’t rust from too many bunches of roses.

Buy It: $60  

Canon EOS 7D Crystal Camera Replica: Turn the classic into an antique, in this crystal replica camera made for the desk or bookshelf. A twenty-four-month warranty and hand-crafted detailing make this a luxurious present for under the Christmas tree.

Buy It: $60  

Nikon D90 Crystal Camera Replica: Know that Nikon is the king? Place this crystal D90 replica amongst your camera collection for a stand-out effect.

Buy It: $44  

Vintage Decorative Camera: Made of black metal with antique brass fittings, this decorative piece is a must for the photography lover’s glass cabinet or bookshelf.

Buy It: $81  

Vintage Tabletop Wooden Camera: Brass accents and a metal tripod base make this wooden creation worth more than a picture. Place it on your bookshelf or work desk for maximum effect.

Buy It: $12  

Camera-Shaped Note Dispenser: Print out your sticky notes like a Polaroid with this dispenser, a nifty gift for Secret Santa.

Buy It: $27  

Camera-Shaped 3D Illusion Light: A warm white light makes a stencil in the dark with this camera-shaped lighting illusion. A safety-conscious design means it doesn’t get hot during the night.

Buy It: $70  

Vintage Camera-Shaped Desk Lamp: Go back to the ‘60’s with this retro camera, fitted with an idea lightbulb.

Buy It: $79  

Handmade Vintage Kodak Brownie Camera Lamp: This handmade beauty offers a more vintage feel. An Edison-style lightbulb sheds a glow over the top and provides a historical touch.

Buy It: $60  

Camera Desk Clock: Scrap aluminium and a General Electric exposure meter come together in this unique piece. A spot on your desk could be a handy conversation starter.

Buy It: $20  

Vintage Camera Desk Clock: Shaped in an unusual piggy-bank design, this resin find could work a treat on a vintage hallway or bedroom table.

Buy It: $44  

Camera-Shaped Wall Clock: Hand-stained and finished with a silent quartz tick, you can sleep that bit easier with this clock on your wall.

Buy It: $47  

Vintage Camera Bookends: Black and silver, these vintage camera bookends can help push your favourite photography books together.

Buy It: $65  

Retro Camera Bookends: Resembling a pair of antique luxury cameras, these black-and-metallic resin bookends play nicely on your bookshelf.

Buy It: $19  

Retro Camera Toilet Paper Holder: Dare to take the camera where no man has taken it before. This Polaroid toilet paper holder spills out the necessities – and tests the camera’s limits.

Buy It: $15  

Camera Film Roll Toilet Paper Holder: Not a Polaroid fan? Go back to the ‘80’s, as this Kodak roll spills out toilet paper like it did film roll.

Buy It: $9  

Photographer Evolution Towel: Dry off your favourite photographer with this cheeky monkey-to-photographer evolution towel. Making a play on Darwinism, its black background and striking colours make an impact in any beach or bathroom.

Buy It: From $16  

Camera Shower Curtains: Feel like a celebrity in your own shower, as these camera lenses snap and pap during luxurious bath time. 100% polyester and a range of prints are sure to keep you entertained.

Buy It: $29  

A Visual Compendium Of Cameras Poster: 100 landmark cameras comprise this visual compendium poster, snazzily delivered in a test-tube box. Showing models from the very first Kodaks to Canons, Leicas and modern-day GoPros, it’s an exhaustive list for the avid photographer.

Buy It: $13  

Camera Patent Poster: This parchment-look poster files an imaginary patent for a camera. Will your dream camera be imaginary, too?

Buy It: $42  

Life is Like A Camera Artwork: Set on painted wood, this camera-based quote is sure to raise a few thought-clouds over your photographer’s head.

Buy It: $29  

Photographer Evolution Wall Decal: Know a photographer and evolutionist? Combine their passions this Christmas with this figure wall decal, available in a range of colours. An easy-to-apply sticker means it can live in an interior or exterior environment.

Buy It: $23  

Hanging Camera Wall Decal: Evolutionary cameramen too controversial? Opt for this hanging camera decal, the perfect addition to a photographer’s bedroom or study.

Buy It: $25  

Camera View Finder Wall Decal: Zoom into real life with this view finder decal on your wall. Available in a variety of colours, it offers a simple solution to creating a room’s focal feature.

Buy It: $21  

Camera-Shaped Pillow: Flick through your latest shots, with this camera-face pillow supporting your head and neck.

Buy It: $7  

Camera Throw Pillows: Support your favourite camera brand, with this range of pillows showing different lens fronts. Cost-efficient and small enough to throw around, they’d be a great fit for your couch or bedroom.

Buy It: $6  

Girl With The Camera Throw Pillow: After a more personal touch? Let this cartoon take your picture – of the back of your dozing head. Made of 100% cotton, it’s also environmentally-friendly and soft to the touch.

Buy It: From $100  

Camera Duvet Covers: Can’t get enough lens time? Increase it by a third, by sleeping under a bedspread dotted with cameras.

Buy It: $15  

Camera Christmas Tree Ornaments: Hint at what you really want this Christmas, with a series of Kurt Adler hanging cameras on the tree. Showing both antique and digital models, one purchase gets you a set of two.

Buy It: $4  

Camera Lens Christmas Tree Ornament: Always thought of the camera lens as ornamental? Make it a reality with this hanging lens decoration on your tree.

Buy It: $2  

Camera LED Flash Key Chain: Trick bypassers into thinking they’ve been snapped, as this camera-look keychain makes a shutter sound.

Buy It: $4  

Camera-Shaped USB Drives: Get cute camera miniatures and a USB stick in one, as these stylish little finds plug into your laptop.

Buy It: $17  

I Shoot People Mug: Bring a lighter side to your morning coffee with this ceramic mug – cheesy pun included. A place on your desk could deter the bringers of bad work.

Buy It: $12  

Coffee Lens Mug With Cap: Considered filling your lens with liquid? Run the cup without the risk with this travel-safe mug. A stainless steel interior and thermos for hot or cold makes it both interesting and practical.

Buy It: $10  

Retro Camera Coffee Mug: Match the toilet roll holder with this mug, a square interpretation of the recent Instax sensation. An extra thick insulation wall means longer-lasting heat, longer-lasting coffee time, and one truly unique coffee mug.

Buy It: $21 for 3  

Camera Lens Short Glasses: Play a trick on your professional photographer as alcohol pours into these camera lens replicas. Made of opaque glass, tequila or espresso will aptly fill the glasses and make a stir in the kitchen cabinet.

Buy It: $16  

Camera Flask: Make your travel items look extra valuable with this flask smuggling in your favourite liquids. Holding five fluid ounces, this camera gets past metal detectors and secures spillage with a rubber gasket.

Buy It: $33  

Camera & Tripod Wine Bottle Holder: Fascinate dinner guests with this avant-garde bottle holder, a futuristic, steampunk find. Recycled steel has been handcrafted, reconstructed and polished to yield its creation.

Buy It: $35  

Metal Cameraman Wine Bottle Holder: Make your bottle holder come to life, in this metal clasp masquerading as a man. Let him take a snap while he uncorks your wine bottle with an inbuilt foil cutter.

Buy It: $21  

Camera Cookie Cutter Set: Encourage the burgeoning shutterbug, with cookies cut from their favourite lens. Make an SLR, Rangefinder or TLR – with a complementary cookie recipe!

Buy It: $16  

Camera Chocolate Mould: Celebrate photographic exhibitions in style, as this camera-shaped chocolate mold presents bespoke nibbles. Easy to clean, its simple form is safe to use in a bake oven, microwave, dishwasher or refrigerator.

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