1. Check out CAD Training Online if watching videos does not cut it for you.

    CAD Training Online for instructor led AutoCAD training.

  2. @Abo8100 Give yourself a few weeks, I wouldn’t read pages and pages of books and tutorials, just jump right in and start drawing! Good luck.

  3. i want to get my associates in auto cad , whats the pay and what kind of jobs would i get if i was to do this?

  4. Thank you! My school got a program similar to cad, not cad….so I downloaded the free version on one computer and am following along on my other computer at the same time….Thank you 🙂 I need this for the industry!

  5. Thank you for taking the time to do these tutorials. It makes getting started so much easier for those of us who are new to the program. Help files are all very good, but never as good as watching someone do it in front of you and explain as they go along.

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