1. JAJAJAJJJAJAJA u’s guys are funny although he ‘s right about it being pirated i get your point but it can be retrieved for free why even spend the time ,money and if u say 30 bucks u got ripped off u could’ve gotten it for free or for $1.50 in other countries jajaajajajaj and that’s fact. jajjajajjaajajajajajj

  2. @cluu1 Ok, that’s fine by me. I’m a criminal I guess.
    Noticed your account was activated a week after Autodesks account, coincidence ?

    You still missed my point.

  3. @NoGufff no, that would be a fake version. if you wanted a fake version, you could just download one. don’t even need to fly to the phillipines

  4. @ChrYssbulanu
    ya but things like this get traced back to you trust me it happend to me and now my computer is under investigation for a long friggin time

  5. Retards, you can’t torrent for corporations and business, they have people that check copy rights. I know because my university needs licenses, but home use just torrent that shit

  6. I found a link for AutoCAD2011 for only 75! Thats like 700 less than the retail price! Wow!

    ht tp://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220657176739&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
    Remove the space to go and see the e bay link.

  7. Join the architech forum now

    Express your ideas, floorplans, 3d models..etc..


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