1. This clip with step by step is very clear and excellent tutorial online. Thank you very much and hope to watch more from you.

  2. hey man iam no so good using the shell comand. so i dnt finish it, any way thanks, and i hope some budy can help me whit that see u

  3. i used acad 2008 now,,but when i tried ur command, it doesn’t work…acad replies no solid selected,,,,

  4. thank you very much!!and…
    I have the same question with gerar10s. i’m using 2007…please, please answer 😛

  5. Thanks for your tutorials! I signed up and I watched the other tutorials and they helped me A LOT. I’m a beginner and I have a question though. After following your tutorial I got an object like yours in shape but yours look like if it was made of plastic or something. Mine doesn’t look like that at all. It looks really “flat”even when I look it in “realistic”. Any suggestions? I’m using Autocad 2008 if it makes any difference.


  6. Hey,man ..thank you very much!!
    The last part of the video was really informative for me 🙂
    thanks for the tutorial !!:) …..sory for my english.

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