1. I want to “lock” a autocad drawing so that other users can view but not modify the information in the drawing.

  2. umm can i use this program to make 3d modells of buildings? and if so can someone tell me how to? i gets really confuzing and its not as friendly as autocad

  3. Just goes to show how Autocads been Scr**ing people. Mind alot of the software industry does. Adobe is another one.
    Nice one progecad.

  4. Strange. AutoCAD LT costs more than a thousand dollars to buy new and doesn’t even offer AutoLISP or 3D modelling. Video time had to be kept down to a few minutes so we didn’t have time to demo the 3D modelling. AutoCAD for 3D?! LOL you are tripping…
    BTW progeCAD costs less than $400, but you can still pay for AutoCAD if you really want to.

  5. WOW ! this is a total ripoff !!!

    They could at least chaged the UI…..

    Why go with this software when you could buy Autocad LT, or even better get Autocad and be able to do real 3d…. I avent seen: loft, sweep eleptical spline surfaces mesh a so on. and the rendering is just awfull.

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