1. @papachola3 Cuál es tu Mac? Yo lo instalé en un iMac 3.06 intel i3 con 4Gb de ram y anda bastante bien… Naturalmente, mejor si es mediante bootcamp, pero en este sistema se lo aguanta bastante bien.

  2. If u do bootcamp, u need to install disk 2 that comes with your mac for drivers software.. but if u use parallels desktop, it works pretty cool. and i can run autocad on it as well.. never have any problem yet

  3. Check out my video about it.. and m a student. m using mac.. and i also do that to run autocad.. No doubt… lol

  4. hey i am going into architecture and i really would like to get the new 2.66 GHZ Macbook Pro 15″. Do you have any trouble with any of the autocad programs being slow or freezing?

  5. una pregunta… si me compro un parallels de 4.0 y al arrancar autocad se pondra lento?? eso es lo q algunos dicen..

  6. i tried doing this but it just kep on freezing. not autocad but parallel. keeps on happening. i have 2009 which is propably why. i ended up installing bootcamp and switch over when ever i use cad

  7. Yes, they are. Both Parallels and VM Ware are able to use a Bootcamp partition as a virtual machine, and this is certainly the most flexible configuration since you can access the same “PC” from Bootcamp or from OSX via your preferred virtualization solution. In that case, you need first to Windows through bootcamp, and then, from virtualization, select this partition as your virtual machine.

  8. If you install Windows programs on your Mac using Bootcamp, are those files and programs accessible through Parallels?

  9. Not that large, but not that small either. I can’t exactly remember, but I think some files were 5MB big…

  10. Well, memory is probably the most important performance factor when running virtual machines. Seems to me you would be much better off adding a Gb of RAM to your machine.

  11. Hey, I just recently installed AutoCAD 2008 on my macbook 13″ (white- in parallels)) with only 1 GB ram 😛 I had to dedicate 404 mg of ram to be able to run X as well as windows smoothly- AutoCAD seems to work very well for 2D models, and it works good in 3D as long as you dont go realistic ( wire-frame works well, but the shadows and shades might not work so well on more advanced/complex 3D’s). So for the things I do, my mac handles it well even though I only give it 400 RAM and 64 Vram.

  12. hey guys im new on mac and i recently found about parellels
    till now ive been using xp on a partition,so i was wondering if i get parrelles i dont have to do that right and also the main reason is cause i have to use auto cad im using auto cad2007
    my mac spec…is
    Macbook,processor 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo,memory 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM,soft…Mac os x
    and also how much of hard diskspace should i give for
    parrelel if im running cad.

  13. Yes, performances are very good on the Mac, but are probably similar on a high end PC. The main advantage running AutoCAD on a Mac is I believe using virtualization such as Parallels or VMWare (fusion). In this mode, you can configure as many “PCs” as you like, perfectly tailored to your needs, with possibilities of backups and restores in case anything wrong happen. AND, you get to use OS X for everything else, which is a much safer and easier environment.

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