A Beautiful One Bedroom Bachelor Apartment Under 100 Square Meters (With Floor Plan)

Designer and visualization artist Andrei Lychkouski designed this Minsk apartment for a bachelor with an eclectic taste for styles that span eras and archetypes – the result is a mixture between the traditional and the ultramodern, carefully decorated with surprising details around every turn. The apartment itself occupies 96 square feet but uses clever techniques to feel even more open and spacious. It’s a smart interior with plenty of interesting pieces of designer furniture to admire, unique layout choices to study, and distinctive color palette ideas that depart from the norm.

The tour starts with a look at the living room outfitted with its variety of textiles and patterns. Features like the rug, warm wood floor, and even the ceiling medallion speak to classic influences, while concrete wall accents and contemporary furniture help push the boundary forward.

While the decor is certainly eye-catching, the layout is very innovative as well. It’s actually an open layout studio in most ways – the bedroom hides behind the partial black wall in the background.

Eclectic decor enhances every surface, a nice change of pace from the minimalism that remains so dominant today.

Copper tones and slab wood bring a classic counterbalance to the exceptionally modern kitchen. While the rest of the interior uses cool concrete, the kitchen is a central point of warmth fitting for the heart of the home.

The position of the range hood is a smart and interesting choice. It hides behind a concrete pillar despite having its own decorative merit, its influence on the rest of the room limited.

Subtle Scandinavian influences rule the dining area. This style of chair is a classic that made a comeback to the modern design lexicon in a huge way.

The entryway is especially cute! The front door is especially classic, but the interior doors update their attractive panel design with a fresh coat of seafoam green.

Bright and airy, the bedroom shares its natural light and energetic atmosphere with the kitchen thanks to sliding pane glass doors.

Like the rest of the home, it uses a mixture of industrial and cottage chic decor influences. Almost everything offers at least a small touch of vintage charm – most notably the lamp and little green side table.

The writing desk occupies a coveted spot near the window, made from the same live edge wood as the breakfast bar in the dining room. The quirky stool is from Patricia Urquiola’s Nub collection.

Both bathrooms feature a similar theme, with their primary differences coming from arrangement and detail. This one is relatively straightforward.

The second bathroom takes a more innovative approach to furniture such as the bench-like wooden vanity.

Wood-effect shower cladding is always an unexpected and delightful choice. This type of fun detail really embodies what the home’s style is all about.

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