A Beautiful 2 Bedroom Modern Chinese House With Zen Elements (Includes 3D Floor Plan)

The foundational Zen concepts of self-control and meditation translate to certain styles of interior design quite well. This two-bedroom home, for example, uses simple furniture and clean forms to help clear the mind of distractions and preoccupations to produce a more inwardly focused atmosphere. Other areas – like the dining room – follow a more ornate style that produces excitement and energy more suited to their role as social areas. If you’re looking for minimalist decor ideas or just want to explore another approach to Chinese interior design, this post can help.

Visualizer: Seclusion Earth  

The living room is focused around a pair of sleek nesting tables. Low furniture and a balance of natural materials and bright white surfaces make the most of the generous bay window.

Natural themes occupy every vantage point. The upholstered window seat allows for a view of the outdoors, a smart minimalist tree impression brings interest to the accent wall, and large branches in vases fill in the gaps.

Although the delicate beauty of orchids is appreciated all over the world, they have an especially rich history in Chinese art and culture.

One interesting thing to note about the living room is its low-contrast color palette. The sofa and rug are almost the same color but feel individualized thanks to the black sofa piping and the differences in texture.

Where the living room ends and the hallway begins, wood meets marble at a boundary of brass. At the wall, concrete sharply meets a mirrored wall.

Beautiful latticework separates some areas with a boundary that feels lightweight but still maintains an open line of visual communication across the home.

Compared to the rest of the home, the dining room is oh-so-bold. Art prints bright color to the space, arranged in a way that complements the latticework on the table.

A small counter doubles up as a breakfast bar to make serving dinner a breeze for the host.

The table setting’s natural palette alternates between warm and cool tones to pull together the artwork on the wall.

While the dining nook happily embraces its cozy atmosphere, the kitchen uses bright white surfaces to reflect sunlight in abundance.

It also includes an enviable amount of storage for such a compact space.

The study uses delicate organic forms for a light and airy effect. The unique graining of the marble actually looks like elegant tree branches and furthers the room’s natural theme.

Glass walls block the sound from the main area of the home without blocking the line of sight. Kids could study at the dining room table as a parent works.

Ensō are an important symbol in Zen Buddhism. The expressive variations in the circle are related to the concept of wabi-sabi and the beauty of imperfection.

Both bedrooms share similar features, including wooden headboards topped with large-form artwork.

Marble details highlight only the most subtle features, allowing the rich wood to take the prominent position in this design.

The second bedroom is lightly more compact owing to the large closet doors that restrict space between bed and wall.

The expanded storage does offer its benefits.

Sliding panels make sense with such a small walkway. Smart closet organization techniques more than make up for the slight inconvenience of the three-panel door.

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