Do You Think Autodesk New Subscription Model is Better?

Autodesk has stopped selling the perpetual license for a while now. We all know many customers don’t accept this well, including me. In short, the term based subscription is a good option. But it must not be the only option.

Autodesk keeps saying that the new subscription model is better than the old one. And they can’t keep offering two different licensing models.

But I still don’t see why the new model is better. The only answer I keep getting is to look at this: Why Move to a Subscription. No, it doesn’t answer my question. We get all the benefits in the past too, as long as we have the subscription active.

Well, I keep my mind open. If you do think the new licensing model is better, I would like to know why. Please share your thoughts in the comment section. If you are reading this in the email newsletter, please do not reply the email.

If anyone from Autodesk wants to answer this, please do. Maybe you can explain it better than the others before.