david adjaye and daniel boyd unveil plans for new sydney plaza

adjaye associates, led by david adjaye, in collaboration with contemporary aboriginal artist daniel boyd, has been selected to complete a project in sydney, australia. the development, which comprises a new public square, community building, and artwork, has been conceived as a ‘found place’ that offers respite away from the busy streetscape. the artwork — a 27 x 34 meter (89 x 112 ft) canopy — shelters and unites the community building and the plaza below. daniel boyd, who was inspired by aboriginal dot painting, perforated the canopy with multiple, randomly scattered, circular, mirror-lined openings.

all images courtesy of adjaye associates



‘rooted in lost history, the new sydney plaza is about the meaning of place, heritage and identity,’ explains adjaye associates, who designed the project in collaboration with daniel boyd. ‘an attempt to uncover, layer and celebrate the eora origins of this part of coastal sydney, the project is about the reconciliation of cultures and defining identity in an ever changing world. this reconciliation of difference lies at the heart of the proposal and aims to articulate and establish dialogue around the complex relationship colonizers have to their indigenous communities.’



the community building houses a café, gallery space, and a garden terrace within its deliberately utilitarian form. sheltered beneath the dramatic canopy, the distinctive pitched roof of the community building refers to the primary silhouette of early settlers’ houses. ‘we believe the new community building and george street public plaza can become a new cherished destination in sydney’s CBD, a generative place for people to connect, recharge, reflect and take a pause from the rhythm of a fast transforming city,’ says the design team.



project info:


name: sydney plaza
location: sydney, australia
design: adjaye associates, daniel boyd

philip stevens I designboom

dec 03, 2019

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