Cozy Minimalist Interior With A Muted Earthy Colour Palette

Muted color sends warm vibrations through this 79 square metre modern interior project in Moscow, designed by Bureau Slovo. Shades of autumnal brown, apricot and forest green become earthy companions throughout each room of the home, including a stylish kid’s room where they mingle with cheerful yellow interludes. This is a cozy minimalist scheme. Furniture floats in clean spaces whilst open shelving is filled with indoor plants and art to grow a homey and personalized feel. Elegant arched transom windows above interior doorways give unique character to the home, and inspire curvaceous cuts in bespoke furniture pieces and large mirrors. Follow along to the end of the tour to see the complete floor plan.

Designer: Bureau Slovo  

Biscuit brown paintwork makes a mellow accompaniment to a soft grey sectional sofa in the lounge. Razor thin shelves add a point of interest to the light accent wall, whilst black lined shelving nooks create a bolder statement.

A contemporary pedestal coffee table has a small footprint in the centre of the small lounge. A modern wall sconce echoes the table’s black circular motif.

A Tom Ford coffee table book smartly accessorises the round coffee table, along with a petite vase of dried botanics.

Over on the console table, an Eames bird complements abstract notes of black in the wall art.

Oak chevron flooring fills the living space, continuing all the way into the open plan kitchen.

The oak element is picked up in a stylish lounge chair by the window, and in bar stools at the kitchen peninsula.

An unusual dining room pendant light brings a designer touch to the simple dining peninsula. A quirky print adds subtle decoration to the kitchen diner’s white wall.

The kitchen bar stools feature a black coated cross bar to complement the dark colourway of the table.

Open shelving brings art to the kitchen. Trailing plants add a fresh note of greenery to the beige tile wall.

The white kitchen faucet camouflages with a white backsplash to achieve a clean and uncomplicated aesthetic.

An arched transom window inspires an arch shaped mirror and rounded table lamp in the hallway.

The arched door motif also influences a curvaceous kids’ bed design, where the interior of the bottom bunk has been accentuated in green.

A double workspace has been composed at the window, with a different coloured kid’s chair at each station. Yellow paint and matching shelves create a cheerful border around the kid’s study to help with motivation and positive energy.

A subtle ribbon of yellow wraps the curved bed frame to create a cohesive colour story.

Plentiful storage makes good use of abundant wall space.

A piece of modern art brings a small splash of culture to the little ones’ space.

Toy dinosaurs stomp on a black and white polka dot bedspread, which seems to be inspired by a circular ‘window’ cutout at the foot of the bed. The cutout allows natural light from the actual bedroom window to flow through onto the enclosed bed, making it a more inviting space for play or reading.

In the master bedroom, another custom desk has been built into the window reveal. The desktop is black to match the window frame, which makes them pull together as one cohesive piece against a russet background. A white table lamp merges with the brightness of the view.

The desk chair is a neat design that can be tucked tidily under the table without encroaching on floor space. An indoor plant lightly marks a divide between the work area and the sleeping area. An orb wall sconce lights the bedside table.

A unique paper bedroom pendant light hangs relatively low over a modern winged bed, creating a series of interesting shapes in the centre of the room. The bed upholstery introduces a peaceful muted green element to the decor palette.

The white bed set is finished off with a bold black runner, which vibes with the black fittings on the bedside wall sconce.

A second black wall sconce and white bedside table twin on the opposite side of the winged headboard.

The remainder of the master bedroom is filed with a large glass wall wardrobe. Obscured glass lets through frosted hints of the closet’s contents. A full length arched mirror stands dutifully outside the walk-in wardrobe, ready to assist in composing each day’s outfit.

The russet accent of the home takes on a sweeter apricot tint inside of the bathroom, which flows between vertical tiles with a colour matched grout. Light wood facing on the modern vanity makes a good companion for the warm wall colour, whilst the olive green bathroom door brings contrast.

A contemporary white faucet fills the integrated bathroom sink, matching matt white fixtures in the shower enclosure.

Black framework defines the elegant arch of the bathroom’s transom window and door by making it the darkest element in the room. Everything else is outlined and finished in gentle white.

Bathroom shelves utilise the dead space at the end of a long rectangle shower design. A vertical radiator fits thinly into narrow wall space opposite the modern vanity unit.

The floor plan gives us a better look into the master wardrobe, showing us the generous amount of hanging space that flows in an U-shape arrangement around the edge of the glass volume. We can also see how the complete layout has best utilised an L-shape floor area.

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