Cool Product Alert: The 3D Illusion Creating Ziggi LED Lamp

Could there BE a more cool looking table lamp out there? Check out this wonderful creation by the designers at Studio Cheha:

“The “shade” is actually a 2-dimensional plate of acrylic glass, and the instant the warm LED light is turned on, the shade becomes a 3-dimensional design. The result is entirely intriguing to witness, instantly adding originality to your desktop setting. The acrylic shade is supported with an angled Birch arm and white metal base.”

$165BUY IT

$165BUY IT

You can get it at the Lumens Light Store. If a more conventional design is what you have in mind, do check out this curated list of modern desk lamps we have put together.

1. Hatha Lamp
2. Scantling Lamp
3. Tolomeo Lamp
4. Tizio Lamp
5. Riggad Lamp
6. Halotech Lamp
7. Harte Lamp
8. Wood Swing Lamp
9. Forsa Lamp
10. Fork Lamp
11. Svirvel Lamp
12. Original 1227 Lamp
13. Cocotte Desk Lamp
14. e-Reading Lamp
15. Satechi LED Touch Lamp
16. V Light Halogen Lamp
17. Portable Rechargeable Lamp
18. Brooklyn LED Task Lamp
19. Element Disk Light
20. Giraffa Table Lamp

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